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What does the average person think about politics?

What does the average person think? I hear that a lot. Most progressive bloggers are part of the political circle and have politcal friends. I read a comment somewhere that obviously only politcal people read or are interested in political blogs and news, and that they wonder about the average person, and what they think or care about.

Well, I'm about as average as they come, and so are my friends. So, I thought I'd share a few things that might surprise you.

I have been interested in the environment and the outright war on our food supply for many years. I had no interest in politics, how it was run, or even who was running it. All the same to me. All bad.

Then came Jean Cretien. I have to say, I liked him and I still do.

The war in the Middle East was when I started really into it. (and liking Jean even more) I was complaining to someone about the US and they said, why don't you take an interest in your own country? So I did. I started looking things up and the more I read the more I had to know. It hasn't stopped since.

The sponsorship scandal. Well, I can't say it shocked me. The spending habits, the bribes, the friends with benefits. Come on, nothing new. They just got caught. I'm not saying it didn't make me angry. I still don't care about it. I think they insult the intelligence of the average person when they think that kind of advertising works. I wish Governments would learn that people can appreciate and understand truth and bluntness. They should try it sometime. What pissed me off was who the money went to. Advertising agencies? They could have done something good for Quebec and the people in it with that money instead of blowing it that way. Also, had they been upfront and said we are putting this amount of money into Quebec to sway the vote, who would have argued? Not me. The sponsorship scandal, it's over and done with. No one I talk to was surprised by government corruption. That's the sad part.

I'd like Quebec to stay. I think there are outside influences that are at work in Quebec, and they have other interests than to make things better for "the average Quebecer." But, if in the end they decide to leave, well, that is thier choice. The only thing I have to say about it is, the Native Indians should have a say in whether thier land stays a part of Canada or not and if they separate, they do it fully. No more Canada Post, no help from our government. No health care. Nothing. You are on your own. No one I talk to even cares about it. I do.

Harper. Here is where it gets interesting. I haven't spoken to one person who likes him. And my job takes me all over. I met and work with different people every few weeks. People from every nationality, political stripe, and people who never even vote. No one wants us in Afghanistan. No one likes how things have changed. No one is happy about following the lead of another Country. The younger generation is even more vocal about this. Where all these polls come from that most Canadians support this Goverment and what it is doing is beyond me. I have yet meet, in person, anyone who has said that.

Health Care. I haven't met a person who isn't totally pissed off at the thought of paying for it.

The Goverment is so out of touch with the average Canadian and has been for years. While I don't like where Canada is headed right now, I have noticed one positive thing about it. People are talking. And they don't like what they are seeing. If anything, it has raised the awareness that in order to put an end to corrution, scandals and things they don't like, they have to become part of the process. They have to voice their opinion, they have to get out there and vote. They can't continue to sit back and let the same people get away with the same thing year after year. You can't wait for the right person to come in and save the day. That only happens in the movies.

The reality of a United North America is setting in. Of course, it has absolutely no benefit to the average person. Unless you are in on the contracts or big business, it is bad news. It's no longer a conspiracy. Millions of Americans, Canadians and Mexicans will be hurt by this. Yet, our Governments continue to make tweaks here and there, under our noses, like we are stupid. Like we will never clue in.

Our environment is in shambles. We are headed for weapons in space. We are being lied to about our role in many of these things. Our soldiers are dying to protect oil pipelines and crops. It's odd to see the "politcal people" avoiding these issues on a daily basis, and yet this is what I hear from "the average" person everyday. And they wonder why people are not interested in politics. It's more watching like a bunch of children seeing who can get the last good "one-liner" in, who can make the best jab. But nothing gets done. Nothing that really counts. These people run our Country and it looks like they could care less that we are giving up control of our natural resources, that we are headed to in a very bad direction. They just continue playing the game. Where are all the real people who are working on behalf of the Canadian people? Where are the politicians that will take action? Talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

I think the next election will bring a few surprises. There will be many more voters. Voters who are sick and tired of the same crap that has been going on for years. And it may take a few years but there will be more support for grassroots parties. And if it took all this to make it happen, I'll look on the bright side. That people are finally paying attention. And it's not the people who support the big parties. I look forward to that day.

But I have to say that I am happy with the Dion win. And I hope that this new Liberal party will bring some credibility back into parliament. I'm open to anyone who wants the best for Canada. I guess we have to wait and see.