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Weekend catch up

I keep saving things I come across thinking I'll post them another day. Another day comes and goes and the list piles up again. I think it's my excuse not to switch over to the other computer. As long as I still have "all this stuff" to finish up, I can keep on using this old machine, even though it freezes up, I can't even install the software for my new camera and I get the "insufficient memory" box popping up on a weekly basis.

So over the next few days I am going to do a one stop shopping post with all these news bits that I just cant seem to let go of, even though they might be old news or things most people won't even be interested in. I don't recall the reason I saved half of them! But this computers' time has come to be "back benched."

Just a reminder to those interested in my photographs of Iraq from 1918, I have posted them at my new Flickr page. I'll be posting other photographs from time to time.

On to the news:

Ghana will receive 480 million Canadian support yearly.

"Canada-Azerbaijan Friendship Group set up in the Canadian Parliament."

"Burnaby city hall is applying for funding for three projects under the new Canada-B.C. Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund, including the proposed dredging of Burnaby Lake.
As reported in the NewsLeader last August, Burnaby qualifies for funding under the program because it defines “rural” as communities with populations of less than 250,000 people. Such communities will receive at least 80 per cent of the program funding." Wow! That is one large "rural" community!

In trading news "Canada has avoided the options-backdating scandal in the United States, but a forthcoming academic study suggests backdating could be prevalent north of the 49th parallel."

"Canadian property developer plans Dh200m tower in Dubai Business Bay."

"Chase Paymentech Solutions Becomes First Canadian Acquirer Approved by MasterCard to Process Chip Transactions."

I don't know what date this occured but it is from the Hansards about Transborder Issues. Something in it obviously made me a little "miffed."

"U.S. Sustainable Energy To Acquire Controlling Interest In Alcar Chemical Group"

SCOTTISH Parliament presiding officer George Reid was in Canada meeting the speakers of the legislative assemblies of Ontario and British Columbia to discuss with Canadian parliamentarians the issues of e-democracy, citizenship and wider public engagement.

"EU agency finds data transfers to U.S. by Swift illegal."

"FSA and ITAC, the Information Technology Association of Canada, have announced that they will cooperate to provide thought leadership opportunities for the microelectronics industry. The first project in this collaboration will be a conference, "Creating a Robust IP Ecosystem in Microelectronics," which will be held in Ottawa in February, 2007."

Government of Canada And Aga Khan Sign Funding Agreement For Global Centre For Pluralism.

Stay tuned for more....