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Weekend catch up Part 2

Continuing on with the dumping of my saved articles old and new:

Grain Millers Canada President Rick Schwein Elected NAMA Chairman. His bio includes: president of La Crosse Milling Company, a 16 year career wtih General Mills, immediate past chairman of the former American Oat Association, former member of the Chicago Board of Trade as well as the Minneapolis Grain Exchange and he served on the Trade Rules Committee for the National Grain and Feed Association.

Back in October Iranian Police accused Kurds of blowing up a section of a pipeline carrying natural gas to Turkey.

Davis Monthan AFB will conduct a nuclear weapons accident simulation from December 4-14, 2006. NORAD activities during VS 07 will take place at Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center, the Alaskan , Canadian and U.S. Continental NORAD Regions.

"Do certain income trusts deserve special treatment? Energy trusts in Calgary believe they do, and they're asking for a meeting with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to discuss their reasons." Link

Legislation to ensure personal information in Nova Scotia isn't disclosed under the US Patriot Act is proclaimed.Link

Massacre at Beit Hanoun: How Can We Allow This to Go On?

"PetroWorth brings unnamed Chinese multinational into P.E.I. drilling program"

"The mayor of Port Hawksbury, N.S., says the National Energy Board is ignoring the stability of the entire region by ignoring the effect of a high-speed natural gas line to the American border on rival projects in Nova Scotia"

"Foreign workers program worries labour group"

"LUKoil plans to refine Venezuelan crude in Canada"

"FBI Ordered to Disclose Details of 9/11 bin Laden Family Evacuation"

Speaking at an energy conference in Oran, Algeria, Holleaux said Sonatrach could have access to new North American markets by using GDF facilities scheduled to be built near Rabaska in Quebec, Canada.

"Top court asked to quash Canada's first terrorism prosecution."

"Retired Bell Aliant workers are upset that the Newfoundland and Labrador government will put $15 million into a new fibre optic network to connect the island with mainland Canada.
The provincial government announced last week it will invest in the $52-million network, which is being developed by Rogers Communications, Persona Communications and MTS Allstream."