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The story behind the photographs

If you want the scoop from an earlier post about how I obtained these photographs. Click here.

I'll post one from time to time, but I thought maybe I would list all the photographs that are in the album and if you are interested in a particular one, just ask and I'll put it up.

So here is the list:

-Mesopotama 1918 Ezra's Tomb
-2 people walking down a Baghdad Street
-A Mosque in Baghdad
-Water Drawing in the Euphrates Hillah (2)
-Procession in Arab Festival Hillah
-Coolie on roof of Fort
-A picture of buildings taken from the Tigris during a second visit Aug 1918

The pictures below are taken in Basra Spring of 1918
-Arab Coffee Shop
-Camels at Ashar
-Kurds at Migil
-People at Ashar Creek
-Date Palms near Basra
-Ford cars going to Hillah
-Ship on the Tigris, Mahala
-there are 18 more with no written description. All sorts of actvities.