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So, who looks at your blog?

I was reading Saskboy's (one of my favorite bloggers along with the dawg bloggers) and read his excellent post on how to get traffic to your site. I knew that I wouldn't be a big hit. First, I'm not really into politics, I've always been more of a political by-stander. I don't always know who is who, or even what they do. I joined Prog Blog for two reasons, I found I liked reading what the people on the list had to say and that they were from various backgrounds and parties. I was out to learn all about the inner workings of the government. 2nd, I wanted on a list to have some readers.

But, since I'm not as educated or savvy, I'm not a big hit when it comes to getting traffic from the Prog Bloggers. Who visits my site? The government. From the US State Department to the Canadian House of Commons. Infact the Trade Dept and International Foreign Affairs were here looking at my list of 5 things Feminism has done for me this week. I get a lot of hits from them. The remainder comes from google. I had the most hits from my Paraguay article because someone mentioned it in a Harvard forum. You'll get hit everytime you write about a corporation, mine or stock.

I needed a place to store all the news articles I had saved and wanted to look into further, and my computer was getting over run. So, when I started this blog, it was mainly a storage bin. Then I thought I'd like to write about stuff the odd time. I'm not good at it, but that has never stopped me from doing anything else. :)

The novelty wears off from time to time and I have to force myself to keep posting. The are certain issues I have that are very important to me and for that reason alone I will persist in keeping this blog alive as long as I can. I'm not as interested in having a large audience anymore, because I know if some is interested in a subject, they will google it and find me. And that is what I want. The people that want to know more about the things I have posted about things don't always make it to the big media and might otherwise have a hard time finding it.

I'd hardly complain about having a larger audience, but then that would put pressure on me to do a better job, and write more often than I do. To actually get serious about my blog. When I have to get serious about something, that's usually when I lose interest. I don't like schedules or being pressured. I am one of those people other people complain about because I won't be nailed down to anything, be it when we'll get together or if I'll make them a piece of jewelry. Which is why I don't sell it. I give plenty away, but never sell a piece.

For now, I'll be happy with a minimal amount of readers. 6 months from now that could change, or I could stop blogging all together. Who knows?

Anyway, I've had one glass of wine too many, my company has just left and I think I'll curl up on the sofa with a good book. If you feel inclined to share where your readership comes from, please do.

I'm glad you like my blog. Maybe I can get you to write stories for it while I go away on Christmas holiday? ;-) lol

I get most of my traffic in approximate order of most to least priority:
other sites linking to me other than through a blogroll.

Haha! Are you tying to put pressure on me?

Can I post articles about the Canadian Action Party on it? :)

If you register, I can make you a contributor and we can test that feature out. If your piece about CAP interests me, I'd approve it, sure.

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