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NAFTA Highway, Fibre Optics News

A 300-hectare industrial park located to the north of Querétaro City at the intersection of Mexico's most important highway, Highway 57 (the NAFTA Highway), and the by-pass to Mexico City.

The new $50 million industrial park marks the first major investment in Mexican real estate development by U.S.-based pension funds. The first phase of the project, a $20 million investment involving 120 hectares of 300 total hectares to be developed, includes a four-kilometer rail spur connecting to Mexico's major north/south rail line, a new electrical substation, a natural gas distribution network, a fibre optic communications system, a Factory Mutual-standard fire loop, and a state-of-the-art sewage treatment facility. Link

Fiber Optic Systems Technology or FOX-TEK, a provider of patented fiber optic sensor systems, today announced it is supplying a major North American Gas Transmission company with fiber optic slope indicators for ground movement monitoring near critical pipelines in Western Canada. FOX-TEK recently began commercially supplying non-intrusive fiber optic sensing systems for applications in the Oil & Gas sector such as pipeline bending and internal corrosion monitoring. Link