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Lockheed building high-tech system with North America's SuperCorridor Coalition

...with sensors along a highway running from Texas to Canada. This article is just loaded with information about this Super Corridor / NAFTA Super Highway. We are going to be soooooo screwed people. And we can't say we were taken unaware. this has been common knowledge for sometime. But no one is doing anything about it. When it is finished, and tax dollars have been spent, and people finally clue into how they were duped, they will whine and rant. It will be too late. I'm sure that is what they are counting on.

And people in Ontario were fuming about how we got screwed by the 407 deal! Has anyone looked into just how big a deal this new "Corridor" is?

This is going to create major job losses for many people in America and Canada, thousands of land owners will be affected.

The only political party that had the guts to talk openly about it is the Canadian Action Party. Either the other parties have no balls or they agree with it. Because pretending not to know about it, won't work. Pretending that it ISN"T what it IS, won't work. And if they don't take action to protect Canadian interests, instead of corporate interests, they should not be running our Country. There are more "we the people" in Canada. WE are the majority. They are supposed to represent the people.

Has anyone spoken to the people that lead their party about this? I'd be curious to know what actions other parties have taken. Talk is cheap. It means nothing.

Until then, bend over, because you are being screwed by the people you are supporting. You are nothing but a vote to them. Nothing more. If you think you are special, you are deluded. You are the pencil that marks the X on a piece of paper. That is what you are good for and that is all. But are they really looking out for Canada, for the people? Can you really believe it when NOTHING is even being brought up about it?


To Whom It May Concern: (Please Post)

Liberty Instead of Fear – Stop the Surveillance Mania is hosting a worldwide demonstration at 2:30 p.m.on September 22nd, 2007 to bring awareness to the people of the world about the North American Union, Security & Prosperity Partnership and the North American Competitiveness Council, to name just a few. As well, we are demonstrating that we do NOT fear our world only the elitists who are running it…corporate governments are not tolerable and we will not accept them. The time to make a stand is now before it’s too late!

Right now there are events being planned worldwide…places such as Berlin, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Australia just to name a few.

Also on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 we will be hosting a Freedom From Fear Movement rally in Brockville, Ontario at Blockhouse Island’s Railway Tunnel at 2:30 p.m. Our future as a Canadian sovereignty is at stake and we cannot allow the merging of borders, the sharing of our natural resources, and the well over 300 regulations that they wish to merge between the United States and Mexico making us ONE country with ONE rule.

Our love of Canada should not allow this! Our love of national pride should make you rise up and ask your politicians what is exactly going on with Canada. The North American Union is made of 30 corporate heads of state, 10 from each of the three countries, including Canada, United States of America and Mexico. The NAU along with Security and Prosperity Partnerships are deciding what is required for our future, they are not a law and have been held from public scrutiny for several years.

In April 2005 the first forging of NAU was signed between the Martin government and the United States and Mexico. In March 2006 the SPP was created in conjunction with NAU to diversify our borders with the goal to make them stronger but in fact, the plan is to dissolve them altogether. NAFTA was only the beginning and we well remember what that has cost us as a country. Should we allow it to be further raped of all that she has? Should we turn a blind eye and just let our country be dissolved?? Or, like others, and myself do you make a stand, ask a few questions and let the corporate elitists know that we, the people, are not going to take their manhandling of our future liberties?

Bring your signs and your banners and get your message across, simultaneously worldwide others will be doing the same…it is OUR world and it is the ONLY one we will get, so rise together and stop the corporations from taking over. Tell your grandparents, your aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, associates, gosh, tell the lady feeding the ducks that’s it is time to rise together as a global body and take back our freedoms…tell them, we, the people, only FEAR those terrorists who would sell our country out from under us! It is because of our freedoms that we can raise our voices, but try to imagine a Canada without freedom, without liberties!

Most importantly, we do this for OUR children whose future freedoms need to be championed and for our forefathers who sacrificed much to forge Canada into the beautiful lady she is today.

Raise your voices Canadians and start asking the questions that they do not want you to ask…be a Dreamlander and an agitator…remember your freedom and do not be afraid to raise your voice…our Creator hates a coward, as the old adage goes, so heed the words before it is truly too late!

Only in division do we fall, but together we can keep on, as Colin James once sang…”Nothing Is Better Than The FREEDOM!”

Yours in comradeship,

Brockville, Ontario CANADA


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