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Let's Play Santa for a Gutsy Blogger

The blogger Charles Leblanc who made headlines in November and won when a judge aquitted him on obstruction charges, has been one person who has taken his blogging seriously.

I had heard from someone who donated a digital camera AND a computer to him that it would be great if Charles could get his hands on a digital video recorder. This guy covers so many things and is a true activist. And it costs money to get around and keep doing what he does.

I tried to pull some strings to get a DVC but had no luck, so I decided that I would at least send him a Christmas card with and and a little something to help towards the purchase one, or the expenses he has to keep running his site.

Then I thought maybe I could put this up and someone else might too. Or that there might be someone who has an old one kicking around, someone who knows someone who might donate a Digital Video Camera would be even better!

If you are interested in sending him a Christmas card, if you don't celebrate, maybe a letter?
Or if you know anyone who can help get a Video Camera into Charles' hands here is his address: (Well-Wishers Only Please) you can e-mail Charles at oldmaison@yahoo.com this is his site. Or you can leave a message here and I will get his mailing address for you.

I'd like to be as active as Charles and it would be great if he had the ability to have videos on his site. After what he has been through, it would be a great gift. Spread the word if you can. Thanks