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If you had to pick one Christmas Song what would it be?

I have to admit I love Christmas songs. I love decorating the house and baking goodies. We don't buy gifts and give money for the younger ones to pick something on their own. Which they like because they actually get to buy something REALLY wanted. Let's face it, to get a gift for teenagers now, it runs into the hundreds for one item. This way they pool the money and are able to have the more popular items on their list. Most of the time we share great food with the family and play games with little prizes for the adults. By agreeing to leave consumerism aside, we have had less stress during the holidays.

We aren't religious but "Jesus" really is the reason for the Season. That is why there is Christmas. Somehow, Santa took the spotlight. Well, Santa and corporations. So when I look for Christmas music I tend to avoid songs that are filled with cartoon characters and the like. Everyone already has CD's filled with them, why bring more of the same? It gets a little repetative. One problem I have is finding the older songs that express the true meaning of Christmas being sung by newer artists. The ones sung by unknown artists and choirs don't go over well with the children in our family.

Does anyone have suggestions? What is you favorite Christmas Song? I don't often listen to Country music but mine is "Mary Did You Know" by Reba McEntire. No one sings this song better than Reba. You can check out a sample of it here.
Oh, and that one "I'm Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas." I don't know who sings it. It's a little kid who really does sound like a brat. It's a cute song. Lyrics are here

The Little Drummer Boy - specifically the version sung many years ago by the Vienna
BOys Choir (I believe thats what the choir's name was)

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