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I can't sleep and I'm addicted to Flickr...

I had a few days off and ruined my sleeping pattern. Now I'm wide awake and have to work in about 6 hours. So I'm pulling an all nighter. I guess I'll sleep well tomorrow. :)

I recently opened a Flickr page where you get to upload pictures. There's a story behind that. I was reading Matthew Good's blog and he was showing a picture of an unfinished ceiling in his apartment. He was asking what he should do about it. I wanted to comment on it but had to have a Flickr account to do so. So I opened one. And I still couldn't figure out how to leave a comment! If anyone knows the trick, let me in on it. Yeah, I know...I'm just not up to date with all this tech stuff.

I went through all that hassle to leave a comment, and never succeeded. So now I had a Flickr account. But it turned out to be a good thing because I had all those photo's from Iraq that I was going to post on this blog. Instead, I put them up at Flickr. See? Sometimes frustrating things happen for a reason.

Now I'm addicted. I put up a few scenic photo's that I'm sure nobody besides me would be interested in. Then I thought, "Maybe I'll put up a few photo's of the jewelry I've made." I get out my camera, that has so many settings and buttons and I don't have a clue how to use it properly, (I usually get my husband to deal with that part of it) and start snapping pictures of some necklaces.

So here I am, when I should be up in bed, uploading pictures to my Flickr page. I think I'll put on a fresh pot of coffee, pop in a Christmas CD and try to forget how miserable I am going to be at work when this all catches up with me.