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Canada's international grain customers express concerns over government approach to the Canadian Wheat Board

Quips from the article:

CWB president and CEO Adrian Measner and elected director Allen Oberg will addresses the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry tonight at 7 p.m. EST and will relay messages from buyers in China, Singapore, Mexico, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Canada.

With our concern over the position of Adrian and the Board in general, we feel that we would be ultimately forced to look elsewhere in the world in order to confidently ensure a continued supply of high-quality wheat,” wrote Brett Warburton, executive director of the United Kingdom’s Warburtons.v

From Mexico, Grupo Altex president Roberto Servitje wrote: “We would hate to see you adopting the U.S. model where we have to deal with the large trading houses that always try to take advantage of both farmers and clients like us and very seldom, if ever, deliver what they promise.”

In another of the letters, now posted on the CWB’s Web site at www.cwb.ca , China’s COFCO buying agency expresses “astonishment” at the pending termination of Measner.

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