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Can some help me understand this? (Mackenzie Gas Project Question)

I could be wrong, so that is why I'm asking. But from what I read the Mackenzie Gas Project is run by Esso, Shell, ConocoPhilips, ExxonMobil and the Aborigional Pipeline Group.

If that is right, and our Goverment doesn't own or is not making money from this venture why is it that Canadian tax dollars would be spent on it? The land it is running through is First Nations Territory and Ottawa has made a first offer of $104 million and some additional powers for 39,000 square kilometres of land. I don't know how it works, maybe only the Government can make land deals and then the company actually does pay?

Please tell me that I'm wrong here and that our Government has a stake in it. And if it doesn't have a stake in it, why should Canadian taxes pay for it? Why shouldn't the people who own the companies pay for it?