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5 articles that made me think WTF!

WTF #1. This one had me seeing red!
VRA EXPANSION IN DANGER... As gov’t shies away from sovereign guarantee for $215m Link

WTF #2. A school in Perth will register children for lessons by scanning their fingers when they enter a classroom at the start of a lesson. Check out what they had to say: "As far as we were concerned, it wasn't necessary for us to seek parental consent in this. It's a system that has been approved by the DfES and it's supported by Capita SIMS." Link

WTF #3. John Bolton and former diplomats from Israel and Canada called on the United Nations yesterday to charge Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with inciting genocide. BUT THEY CONTINUE TO IGNORE THE STARVATION, KILLINGS, DEMOLITION OF HOMES, THEFT OF LAND AND INHUMANE TREATMENT OF PALESTINIANS. Link

WTF #4. Peacekeeping Centre assured audit wouldn't be rigorous. Link

WTF #5. Africa in the middle of U.S.-European biotech trade war Link