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Yes, let the little guy pay...

Why is it that big companies get the breaks, and the average joe pays up? It doesn't make even make sense.

At a conference in Toronto co-sponsored by Canadian Business magazine. Roger Martin suggested to put in place a "smart" tax system that would make it attractive for companies to come to Canada. He uses a plan from Belgium as an example, it goes like this:

Let companies deduct from their corporate taxes the interest on financings they do within Belgium. What companies see is that the more corporate finance they do from Belgium, the lower their taxes will be. By at least one estimation the implementation of the plan could see corporate taxes in Belgium reduced to effectively zero, which raises worries about the effect on the government's tax base and the future of the country's generous social safety net. But the tax idea is smart in that it encourages companies to locate head office functions such as finance within Belgium's borders. That is, while corporate taxes might be cut, doing the cuts this way preserves the job base of accountants, lawyers and corporate executives that will provide the city with a stable tax base of well-off people.