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Will Arlow Represents CAP in London North Centre, Ontario.

Will Arlow stands ready to defend Canada in this political arena. Will has represented Canadian Action Party in several Federal Elections.

Mr. Arlow has the invaluable experience of living and doing business in British Columbia before he brought his business and family to settle in Ontario in 2002 and so brings this to his passion for a strong united country. He is a business man with a strong sense of family values. It is through these eyes and perspective that he sees the opportunity to build the nation. His keen attention to Canada's political environment enables him to see the negative impact government has allowed to impact the people and the environment. His extensive travel experience through the United States, as well as visits to England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece enables him to see Canada through the eyes of others and brings into even sharper focus his passion for Canada. It also highlights the critical issues for which he is deeply concerned. These experiences, along with simple empirical analysis have led to some very firm convictions.

Political Experience:

2006/01/23 -General Election -Elgin Middlesex London
Ontario-Canadian Action Party
2004/06/28-General Election -Elgin Middlesex London
Ontario -Canadian Action Party
2000/11/27-General Election-Port Moody Coquitlam Port Coquitlam
British Columbia -Canadian Action Party
1998/03/30 -By-election-Port Moody Coquitlam Port Coquitlam
British Columbia -Canadian Action Party
Witness before the Senate Committee Representing CAP- September 7 2006 - Bill C-2, An Act providing for conflict of interest rules, restrictions on election financing and measures respecting administrative transparency, oversight and accountability. Read the transcript: *click here

Will Arlow understands the frustration and disenchantment Canadians felt through the first betrayals of Free Trade and Brian Mulroney?s government to Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. He is articulate and doesn't mince words. London voters will know where Mr. Arlow and the Canadian Action Party stand through his dialogue, writings and personal communications. Mr. Arlow's sense of patriotism brings him to this candidacy. His commitment to his family and yours urges Will to declare the truth. He will provide the facts on the absorption of Canada into a corporate elite system of rule. The fact that Canada is no longer a peace-keeper but rather a branch of the U.S. military. If you believe your voice should be heard in Parliament and that you should be consulted before the country is sold, or given away without your consent, then you can be assured by voting for Mr. Arlow your voice will have a chance.

Will stands by his convictions as below - he believes we can do better: Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc have all been paid to represent you but while you paid them, they allowed or facilitated extreme erosions to Canadian social policies, environmental policies, civil rights, military, and increased the burden of debt for future generation.

Well over 13,000 of Canada's best companies have already been taken over by foreign (mostly U.S.) interests.

Universal Healthcare needlessly sacrificed
University education available to only the elite
Department of Fisheries and Oceans emaciated.
Department of National Defence -absorbed into U.S. military
CBC turned into a corporate spokesperson
National Banker's Debt $500 billion+
Policy being set by CCCE and the new Canadian Competitiveness Council.
Electoral system -lacking the living democracy needed for a healthy society.
Personal message from Will Arlow:

Canada is still worth saving, not just for Canadians, but as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Join me and the committed group of concerned Canadians who are fighting for the re-emergence of a strong and independent Canada, charting its own course in the world, in consultative cooperation with other like-minded people of the world, people who cherish human rights and freedom for ALL.

The money for a strong, healthy, tolerant, compassionate and independent Canada IS available. Those who would have you believe otherwise are either misinformed or are deliberately deceiving you. The social institutions that all Canadians value were constructed after not on the Great Depression, but also World War II, when the government could have cried poor. Fortunately for us, they did not. Instead, they created a policy framework that worked for all Canadians. It was not magic. We can do it again. The mechanisms are part of the historical record, and are still as relevant today. If you want this change you have to VOTE FOR IT. The system we see today does not work for Canadians. I am offering you the opportunity to decide your future and a healthy, strong and vibrant nation for your children to call home. Together we can make a difference!


Read: Will Arlow's Response to Mayor DeCicco(London) June 17, 2006 on Canada's Future and Federal New Deal with cities.


Contact Agent
Murray Bogart

Auditor: Brian D. Lawrence

Phone: 519 866-5116
via the Canadian Action Party

Best of luck to you, Mr. Arlow!

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