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What people are saying about the NAFTA Super-Highway

-This will require coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale, as literally millions of people and businesses could be displaced.

-The real issue is national sovereignty. Once again, decisions that affect millions of Americans are not being made by those Americans themselves, or even by their elected representatives in Congress. Instead, a handful of elites use their government connections to bypass national legislatures and ignore our Constitution– which expressly grants Congress the sole authority to regulate international trade. Link

-Mexican trucks crossing into the United States would be checked electronically through a system called SENTRI. The first customs stop is Kansas City SmartPort Inc., which is to become sovereign Mexican territory. Link

-Here's the list of 45 of the 80 High Priority Corridors. Link

-NAFTA Superhighways Threaten North America. Link

-Of particular concern for Burney is the expiration of Bush's "fast-track authority" - permission from Congress to negotiate the fine print of international trade agreements - next January.
"If you get in that tile of more protectionists than free-trade types, then the prospects of the president getting his authority reinstated are going to be a lot more difficult than they otherwise would be," he said. "That's not a good scenario." Link (I would imagine this would include the Super-Highway. I am sure they are really trying to fast-track it now)

-NAFTA Super Highway debate inflames Texas Governor's race. Link

-Let Investors Finance the Highways. Link

-NAFTA highway faces uncertain future. Link

-A good reason Bush does not want to secure the border with Mexico may be that the administration is trying to create express lanes for Mexican trucks to bring containers with cheap Far East goods into the heart of the U.S., all without the involvement of any U.S. union workers on the docks or in the trucks. Link

-Why Foreign Companies? Link

-While American-based manufacturers will continue to suffer under the barrage of Chinese goods, Mexican industry will be smashed flat by what should be called a new Silk Road rather than a NAFTA highway. The economic development goals of NAFTA are being abandoned.

-The new transport plans make a mockery of these arguments, as they are aimed purely at helping China improve its competitive advantage over all North and Central American rivals. What is being built is truly a “Highway of Death” for both NAFTA and CAFTA. The resulting regional turmoil will be felt in the United States. Link

-To add insult to injury, the customs complex (known as Smart Port) in Kansas City will be a Mexican customs station. However, it is being built with American taxpayers' money. A description on the Smart Port website reads: "For those who live in Kansas City, the idea of receiving containers nonstop from the Far East by way of Mexico may sound unlikely, but later this month that seemingly far-fetched notion will become a reality." Link