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What is the big deal over passports?

I just don't get it. Many people already have a passport and if we eventually need one to cross the Canada/US border, so what? If you don't have one get one.
I keep hearing it's about the cost. We just don't want to fork over the $70 dollars.

To make it "easier" the new ID card would better. Better for who? I can just imagine the tax dollars spent on issuing new cards, security measures, and programs. Sure, it would be good for databanks, information sharing, companies that will make millions providing the cards, and new technology.

But think for a minute, who is paying for it. Taxpayers. $70 dollars for a passport, will save millions in the end.

About 25 US and Canadian "officials" met in Grand Forks to talk about this ID card. The card could be scanned at the border by the electronic features on a driver's licenses to identify citizenship.

More and more of our freedom is lost everyday. I wonder where we will be 2 years from now.