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There is so much news, I'm just unloading it all in this post...

The Canadian funded Peacekeeping Documentation Centre, part of the West Africa Police Project, will open Thursday morning.

The Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Jean Pierre Lavoie said "I am thinking particularly on the improvement of the business environment and other economic and political reforms which will enable the full exploitation of Cameroon's potentials," during a business forum. He underlined the importance of making use of rich natural resources. Canada, he said, has made good use of its own resources to build a strong, prosperous, free and tolerant society that it is today. (Note the use of the words full exploitation, how fitting. And it is laughable that he said Canada has made good use of it's resources. We have been sold out by NAFTA. Canada would have been a richer Country if we atually had control of our own resources.)

A group of academics, educators, NGO workers, peace advocates and human rights researchers from Canada, United States, Uganda, and Europe gathered at the University of British Columbia to discuss what to do about the situation in Uganda.
Some were surprised that individuals from Europe and North America say that the western mode of justice is not valid in all circumstances.
One person suggested that there would be a double tragedy in the European model of justice were the perpetrators of vicious crimes incarcerated since most were children abducted in the morning of their innocence and turned into vicious killers and rapists. Hmmm....

Coun. Clive Doucet plans to introduce a motion asking Canada's auditor general to investigate the Treasury Board president for his decision to withhold federal funds during Ottawa's municipal election campaign. Hmmm... again

An environmental organization said Canada should replace its current system of voluntary guidelines with legally binding national standards that are on par with the rest of the industrialized world. 75 percent of aboriginal reserves drinking water systems suffering safety and water quality problems which the rules for water treatment systems are set by the federal government. And the private companies are trying to get some media attention. Shocking isn't it? No, not really...

EADS Canada is disappointed by the decision of Canada's Government for only dealing with Lockheed Martin on aircraft contract.

Canada's governor general will South Africa next month. On Wednesday, she left Algeria, where she began her trip, for Mali. She is scheduled to go on to Ghana, South Africa and Morocco before returning to Canada on December 11.

The Liberal party is asking Elections Canada to investigate two new accusations of potentially illegal fundraising practices by the ruling Conservatives.

Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said Canada, like Britain, follows thoroughly the policies of the US administration pointing to daily massacre of the Palestinian people.

A First Nation has asked a joint Canada-B.C. environmental panel reviewing Northgate Minerals' proposed mine project in northern B.C. to halt the process because it says aboriginals haven't been properly consulted. They are worried about a lake that Northgate proposes to use to dump mine and milling waste. Northgate says the use of the lake is the best environmental option and the only economically feasible option: $200 million versus the next scenario at $1 billion. So, screw the environment, it costs too much to do the right thing.

Civilian redevelopment agencies are paralyzed and the Defence Department has quietly slipped Canada’s military commander in southern Afghanistan an extra $1 million of its own money for reconstruction and aid projects.