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Since the arrival of Islam and until only recently, Jews and Muslims had lived together harmoniously, getting on better than Christians with Jews

Here is a paragraph from the article:
But this is often overlooked because of the current confrontation in the Middle East. Leaders would do well to look back at the example of Spain when ruled by the Moors. Until the invasion of the more conservative Almohad dynasty, Muslim Spain, at its best, was a beacon of religious and cultural tolerance, of libraries and literature. It produced great Muslim and Jewish scholars who interacted often. When Muslims took Jerusalem back from the Crusaders, one of their first acts was to allow Jews back to the city. Salahudin, a great Muslim hero, had as a senior advisor the great Jewish scholar Maimonides. Link

How recent is recent? The whole Jewish-Arab conflict began back around 1918-1920.... there are only a handful of people in the world alive from this era.

I also wonder who claimed that the reason they could not coexist was because of their religious identities? The reason why they cannot coexist is because they have incompatible needs and incompatible goals.

It's hard to coexist when one of them is stealing your land, your dignity, your right to live like a human being. Religion is the excuse.

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