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Progressive Bloggers: Can you help spread this story on Charles LeBlanc around the net? Please...pretty please...

By now everyone has read about Blogger Charles LeBlanc and his court case. I realize this is a long post, but every word of it is worth taking your time to read it. I'd really like to spread the word, and I'm sure many of you can present the story better than me.

"Marcarc" has some great ideas that he stated over at Vive Le Canada. Here is a sample:

"True, the MSM won't always be objective, however, there is only so much a group can do. As Charles says, a good many protests take place in Fredericton, its "where all the generals are". The first act, before spring, is to get Charles a cheap video camera. Since his blogging has been 'recognized', he's a good candidate. However, there is now a school of journalism at St.Thomas University which probably has access to cameras and may like to get involved. I think the MAIN aim would be to get the communications together because in many cases it might be that the CBC simply doesn't know about it. CBC cameramen are well known to Charles, so if the CBC takes more interest in more of these protests, then thats better than nothing. However, they do tend to keep their footage close to the chest. While this case was ongoing I frequently asked them and at the blog what the video tape showed and they refused to respond, they would only respond in open court. The idea is of course to keep these things from happening in the first place. So between Charles' blog, the CBC and the school of journalism hopefully that will do it. If not, then we'll have to start hitting up volunteers.

If anybody has the financial means to help out, go to Charles website at http://oldmaison.blogspot.com/ and you can find his address there. I am the person mentioned in the article who bought him the computer and camera, so I'm pretty well tapped out for awhile.

For those who can't help financially, there are other things you can do. For example, New Brunswick is well known as 'the Irving Empire', and a lot of these things happen because Irving owns all the media except the CBC. Charles mentioned that he actually put the NY Times on hold because he was talking to the CBC and as he states, he'd be in jail if it weren't for the CBC.

So wherever you are you can join the boycott of Irving products. They are found at Charles website. If you are west of Ontario I'm not sure how many you have access to, but a quick list for eastern ontario includes Midland Courier, Cavendish Farms, Kent Wood Products, and Majesta Brand paper products. It is up to an Irving employee whether press passes to the press gallery are given. One of the reasons he was refused was because he 'didn't have an employer', so I'm thinking of starting up a website and have him as an employee (even though I can't pay him)

You can also go to the GNB.ca website, and email the Premier and liberal MLA's to reinstate Charles' right to enter the Legislature in Fredericton. The only thing politicians understand is pressure. Tell them you are blogging and telling all your friends you are boycotting the province and refusing to travel there (you may want to 'hint' that you were thinking of vacationing or investing there). You may want to add some emails to the likes of McCains to that since they are the other bigwigs in the province and they have MANY products out there. Boycotting is no good unless people know, you don't have to get a sign and go in front of your store (some photoshop may be a neat idea though;) but let McCains know WHY you are boycotting them. I just had that idea so more may come down the pike later on.

In the internet world word can spread fast, I know a few here have blogs, so some sharing and blog features on it would be nice. New Brunswickers are notorious for not getting involved in politics, but maybe this will 'jar' a few into making some emails as well. Of course all this will be made even more clear at Charles' blog. A boycott from outside sources may be just the impetus the government needs. They ARE new in power and Charles is actually a member of their party, so they may be looking for a way to make it good PR. The legislature doesn't sit until February, although I'm sure this ban could be changed before then.

That's not directly about the protest video idea, but sort of, because I think Charles is the guy for the job. He really is fearless. Just as an aside, another idea we are working on is getting some 'sponsors' for the website. If you can do like you do with foster children and donate 10 or 20 bucks a month, then we could actually employ Charles to take the video and give him a little more than a subsistence life. If you've been to his blog you'll also note that SOME control over his content would not be a bad thing either-he has a tendency to harass individuals and slander them. However, he is gettting better all the time.

Just a note, perhaps the timeline could be altered because there are more issues surfacing in New Brunswick than in other areas. The 'Friends of Rockwood Park' are currently protesting a natural gas pipeline through the park, and Irving is planning a new refinery. Plus, the "Atlantica" stuff is always ongoing and increasing. Just spitballing here.For more info on Charles, see his blog or my site "Charles In The House"

"A sudden thought I had that perhaps people here could help with would be a 'lobby group', but one whose only purpose is to go to demonstrations and video and photograph them. They could even have special hats or armbands. Not only would this keep police in line, but protesters too. Many of these protests are increasingly ignored by the media, in fact a special section could be set up at Vive to get 'the scooop'.

Some people who want to keep an eye on cops as well as people who want to keep an eye on protestors would make great volunteers. Most people do not like to 'protest' unless they have to, this would get people who aren't necessarily political to show up. Something to think about." "In New Brunswick we are going to start up such a group. Basically anybody I can find with a video camera or digital camera will be invited to protests and we'll come up with a website and some means of identification. Sort of like many church groups do at protests and other events such as at Burnt Church. We are going to try to get protestors to contact us before the protest, and we'll contact the media to see if they are planning to videotape of photograph it, if not, then we'll get a 'team' out there. New Brunswick is notoriously tough to get people involved in stuff like this, but we'll try at the churches and anywhere else."

Pretty great stuff, eh? So let's spread the word and maybe some of us can contribute a little more? Thanks.