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Photographs of Iraq from 1918 when it was under British Control

I was at a lawn sale two summers ago and bought a small photo album full of black and white photographs of Iraq from 1918. There are pictures of mosques, daily life, Ezras Tomb, camps...

There were about 8 more albums, but when I started looking through this one, another man came and scooped up the others! I could have clobbered him!! :)

I was going through it this morning and wondered just how many of these buildings I was looking at have been destroyed.

I might post some of these photos but my scanner is on the brink. I'll be getting another one soon. Anyone interested in seeing them? If not, I won't bother.

UPDATE: All these photographs have been put up on my Flicker site here

I'd like to see some of these photos, please - especially any military shots. Congratulations on your purchase!

I'll put them up as soon as I get a scanner. Thanks, I thought it was a great catch too.

These are amazing!

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