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Organic Farmer on Hunger Strike

Michael Schmidt was in a standoff with police and public health authorities on Tuesday over selling raw milk. A week earlier his farm was raided by Ministry of Natural Resources inspectors. He has been on a week long hunger strike and says he will continue until authorities return his confiscated equipment and promise to leave him alone. Link

While I understand that there are health risks involved in drinking raw milk. There are health risks from millions of things in this world. Pollution, nuclear waste, mining waste, vaccinations, pharmacudical pills we take, heck, look at when they thought it was okay to add slaghtered animal remains in feed. That wasn't dangerous? Give me a break. Look at all the antibiotics and steroids in our food supply. Chemicals in nearly everything we eat. And they won't label GM food.

So, our Police force has to waste their time on this...over milk!

Oh wait, remember the standoff between OPP and farmers over a raid on a chicken farm?

My earlier article doesn't seem so "far out" anymore.

It's hard to respect where they are coming from when they get rid of the few people actually DID their job and tried to protect the Canadian consumer. It makes one wonder where their interests really are.

Yeah, good to know the authorities are protecting us from ourselves. What on earth did we ever do before the nannies?

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