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Natives Are Told Their Water Is Safe, But Aren't Allowed To See Test Results?

Good Grief! This one just slays me.

"Despite using Dr. Courteau's expert opinion to deny Attawapiskat First Nation's request for bottled water, Senior INAC officials refused to sign a letter assuring the community that the water was safe for human consumption last night at a public community meeting held in Attawapiskat First Nation. INAC also remained steadfast in their refusal to provide bottled water to the community.
The Chief of Attawapiskat delivered the report of the First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. on Attawapiskat's water portability to the Minister of Indian Affairs on September 15th. The INAC officials present at the community meeting stated they would not sign a letter confirming the safety of the water because they did not have a copy of the water reports and had not reviewed them. INAC relies on its counterpart, Health Canada, for such expert advice and opinion."
via First Perspective.ca

Yeah I was there at that meeting...the INAC officials (each) were given a cup of water straight from the tab water at that meeting..they barely drink the water at all..or a sip..(it tooked hours just to take a sip of the water) ..it clearly shows us the water is not safe in Attawapiskat to drink!.. WHERE IS OUR BOTTLED WATER! WE ARE STILL WAITING!!!..I am a member of Attawapiskat,ON Canada

I am from Attawapiskat First Nation. I was raised here and lived in the reserve all my life. This is my home and I love this land. I raised my 4 sons here. Yet I feel like we are the forgotten people and live in a third world country. People say we live in the richest country....what richest country??? The government delivers water and monetary donations to other countries, but we, the aboriginal people, the First Nations are denied to our rights to have clean and safe water. I feel the goverment FAILED US especially INAC!! We are still waiting for fresh water.

Thank you for leaving your comments. If there is one thing I could say it would be to join www.vivelecanada.ca and submit your articles and issues there. They also have a forum on Native issues. But don't hesitate to leave a message here, I'd be happy to post any articles as well!

I only say this because that site has many activists, writers and politicians that frequently read and contribute to there. It is a great place to get some attention on what is happening on Native Reserves across Canada. I will post this story there tonight.

I have posted a few things in the forums, but as I don't live on a reserve, and can't even trace my own Indian roots. I just can't speak with any real knowledge on the subject. We could sure use some real insight over there.

yeah....well since the Conservatives came to power on January 2006--it seens like everything went down worst for the native peoples of canada...?

All they ask for is for clean water til they have reassurance??.. how hard is that?...that's interferance with basic human rights...

If this took place in a non native town, would government respond differently....??

Concern Canadian over this 'new government'

I agree. I think the more we can spread information on what is happening, the more awareness we can raise, that we can make a difference. Something like this should not be happening anywhere in Canada. Ever.

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