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NAFTA Super Highway and the NAU

Firm Will Use Eminent Domain To Grab Land For NAFTA Super Highway
CIOB International Construction Review-But a corridor of this overall width - maybe as much as 360 m - has alarmed people who stand forced to surrender property in land and buildings to the project. This concern has been sharpened by the disclosure that, citing a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the developers intend to exercise the principle of ‘eminent domain' in land acquisition proceedings on the grounds that they are acting as agents of a public authority.

Corridor Watch
Don't be fooled into believing that the TTC is just a rural issue, it's not. It's a Texas issue. Urban traffic planners and organizations have been working on transportation solutions for years. You might have assumed that they were included in planning a project that is supposed to provide them with better transportation and congestion relief. But you would be wrong. This is a revenue project driven by political ambition. As such urban leaders, like everyone else, have been excluded from the process.

The Northern Gateway to the NAFTA Super Highway
A tremendous economic opportunity exists for the border region of Lambton County, Ontario to establish itself as the entry point for the connecting link into Canada.
As the entry link into Canada for the NAFTA Super Highway, Lambton has much to offer:

North American Union Archives
A great site just loaded with information!

Coming through ~ New NAFTA Highway
Even loads more information on this site!

Shelley worked for Cintra making introductions to TxDOT just in time to see them get a winning proposal submitted for the Trans Texas Corridor. Then he worked for Governor Perry just in time to lobby the Legislature to protect and strengthen laws benefiting Cintra. Now he's back working for Cintra again planning all expense paid trips to Canada for TxDOT and Texas law makers.

109th CONGRESS - 2d Session
To authorize the President to negotiate the creation of a North American Investment Fund between the Governments of Canada, of Mexico, and of the United States to increase the economic competitiveness of North America in a global economy.

N. American students trained for 'merger'
10 universities participate in 'model Parliament in Mexico to simulate 'integration' of 3 nations