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Mexico MP's Show How It's Done. Take a Look Canada...

Mexico MPs block Fox foreign trip.

Mexico's lower house of parliament has voted to block President Vicente Fox's visit to Australia and Vietnam.

In 2002, the house blocked a visit to the US and Canada, claiming Mr Fox was focusing too much on international events.

[Now there is an example we should be following (and that includes any NDP and Liberal politicians who might be interested in continuing this integration idea) People in Canada are not going to let this slide for the next government that steps in either. A_R]

You know, If I were Gringo? I'd block the entire Bush Administration from leaving town until all the quesioning is finished...

I'm figuring somebody's gonna make a run for the Border...
a lot of press emphasized the sheer breakdown but few acknowleged the a INVOLVEMENT of the US in the the Mexican election

Those that gave it consideration tended to be more concerned about vacations & the Feds warning Canadians about Mexican cops stealing from resort beaches & hustling tourists...

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