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I knew I had ESP!

A few days ago I posted this and I said I wondered just who would use their veto power at the UN.

Here you go. US vetoes UN resolution condemning Israel on Gaza.

Which left me to think maybe I have ESP or that it has happened so many times, it is so blatently transparent that it was hardly a matter of even having to wonder what the outcome would be.

You have to wonder when the world cries out for restraint and one person has the veto power to let it continue.

Never again? It never stops! I suppose it's a selective thing...

Actually, when you think of the term, ESP, it simply means heightened perception. So I would say that many people possess it.

Especially, someone like yourself who watches and reads and listens and is curious about the world.

It's hard for me to understand how this happened, but not surprising. Even when the the wording was changed and acknowledged some grievances, Bolton stood firm.

The best we can hope for is that he is not confirmed and goes away, though, the US will never take a nuanced stance on this issue, IMHO.

Murder is never justified, yet again and again, throughout history, we allow the ways to justify the means.

One day my friend, this will change. Perhaps not in my lifetime, but since you brought up ESP, perhaps I'll say in my next lifetime!

I have met so many young people that really care about what is happening in this world. It gives me hope for their future. That is if our current leaders leave one for them :)

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