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History in the making: a party that doesn't want to "dumb down" Canadians

That's what I like about the Canadian Action Party. It seems where other parties give a "dumbed down" or zipped lip approach to what is happening in Canada, the Canadian Action Party WANTS you to know what is going on. They are courageous enough to make changes, that might seem "over the top" to some, but they are willing to fight for the best interests of Canada and it's people.

I've never seen a party in Canada like this before, and I hope it is a sign of things to come. I'm surprised they haven't created a storm of talk in blog land. Maybe it's easier to ignore the truth and keep with the status quo.

For me, I look at it as something big. Historical. Don't count them out. I expect in to see more and more waves from this party. They are determined to make a difference in Canada.

Where most parties have good people that want to make a difference but end up having to tow the party line. This party has a Leader and platform that stands for Canada. Towing this party line would actually be a good thing. Imagine that?

The Canadian Action Party is history in the making.