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Global alliance of NGOs formed to protect rivers

This is a portion of the article:
United States' based activists Steve Fleischi and Scott Edwards of Waterkeeper Alliance, Bob Shavelson of Cook Inletkeeper, Terry of Long Island Soundkeeper resolved to work with Indian groups on how the decisions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were impacting countries. They would investigate where the taxpayers' money was going. Was it going to better the lives of people or to marginalise the poor and such sections of society that cannot afford clean water and were being denied access through conditional lending?

"We are the most wanted group in the United States. We have sued the Bush administration several times for their policies," said Mr Fleischi in a lighter vein at a press conference here.
Their alliance is working in Mexico, Australia, Canada, Senegal and the Czech Republic with groups who are tired of exploitation of resources by outside forces and their own.

"We have come together to see how we can defeat the corporate globalisation of pollution. Flowing rivers are essential to meet people's needs and keep life flowing,'' he said. Link