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Gaza violence, mounting death toll, provoke grave concern in Security Council, with more than 40 speakers demanding halt to Israeli military operation

Calling Gaza ‘Launching Pad for Terrorist Attacks’, Israel Says National Rights Require National Responsibility

In a day-long meeting of the Security Council today, called jointly by the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Non-Aligned Movement in light of intensifying Israeli military operations in Gaza, fuelled yesterday by the deaths of at least 18 civilians in Beit Hanoun, more than 40 speakers expressed grave concern at the mounting humanitarian toll, with many demanding an immediate ceasefire and deployment of United Nations observers.
“The incident that occurred in Beit Hanoun on Wednesday is shocking,” Angela Kane, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, said as she opened the meeting. “Men, women and children, who posed no threat, were killed as they slept in their home.”
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hat tip to What Really Happened

I wonder who will use their veto power at the UN?