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Ever wonder WHY so many people are depressed? No, just give 'em a pill.

This is a sad story when you really think about it. I know there is nothing funny about mental illness and that often times people do need medication for what they are going through. Almost everyone knows someone who has been effected my mental illness. But it seems to me that we hear more and more just how "common" it is to be depressed. And they are right. It is natural to get depressed. Life isn't a fairy tale.

People get fired, break-up and bad things happen. Things that we really shouldn't be happy about. And that is what I am talking about. Lot's of things happen to upset people, it's the small stuff I'm talking about. What ever happened to getting to the root of the problem instead of ignoring it? It's okay to cry, to get mad or sad. You don't have to be happy everyday. Things happen, with time and hopefully a few good friends, we do get over it and often become stronger or more aware of what caused the situation. We even learn from it. And it is normal.

There is such a push, to push pills to "cure" your depression. And the target market seems to be getting younger. If we run for a quick "fix" everytime something happens, how will we ever learn to cope? If I took a pill everytime I have been wronged, did something I regretted, felt angry or upset, I would need to an extra purse to carry my pills.

There are many people who benefit from these medications and therapy. Many people who need it. It just gets scary when it feels like you know more people "on pills" than not.