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Dubai firm, rebuffed by U.S., looks at Halifax for terminal purchase

"Moore said he doesn’t think Canadian authorities will repeat the actions of U.S. members of the congress in resisting purchase of Canadian terminals.
“I think it would be good. They’ve been a success where they’ve operated in other localities. They’ve made a serious investment. They’re good operators.”
Moore said he has made copies of his research and passed it on to Karen Oldfield, the president of the Halifax Port Authority.
Moore was one among three members the Senate’s security and defence committee who visited Dubai on their way to Afghanistan in September.
The committee has faced criticism over the expenses incurred during last leg of its overseas trip, which included a stop at a luxury hotel."
via Canadian Press

You want to know what I think? I think Canada and Canadian companies should be the ones who are responsible for Canadian Ports. If this government wants us to go along with these strict new security measures and take them seriously, they had better play their own game. Otherwise, we will realize it is just another propaganda tool and we are being duped.