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Dear Bloggers:

I am writing you this letter to ask you why Palestine is such a taboo subject and when or what does it have to come to before you do care? Everyone blogged about Lebannon. But Palestine has been ignored for decades and now it is getting worse. Is it because they aren't lily white like us? Is it because they are not your religion? What is it about Palestine that no one seems to care? If there was ever a time to speak out, it is now.

Security sources are saying that the Israeli forces were calling Palestinian men through loudspeakers, and gathered them in front of an-Nasir mosque in the north of Beit Hanoun. ave on Thursday afternoon, and transferred the males of Beit Hanoun aged between 16-45 in a convoy of large trucks to unknown destinations.

Naem Al-Masri, 31, a farmer, said, "God knows how many people they are going to kill this time. On the day of Eid El-Fitr a few weeks ago, they killed 7 people. We have lost many loved ones. I wonder why the Israelis have the desire to commit ethnic cleansing. We demand the international community to intervene and stop this genocide. Do we not as Palestinians have the right to live like the Israelis? The only solution to this crisis is to end the Israeli occupation to our lands, we need to breathe! FREEDOM!"

Mahmoud Abbas is said he is inclined to seek new elections if talks with Hamas militants on forming a moderate government don't produce results in about two weeks tentative agreement has been reached on a political program acceptable to the West. U.S.-backed arrangements, including new scanners, European monitors and deployment of elite Palestinian forces, are to prevent closures of Karni over security threats. In recent months, Karni has been closed down repeatedly by Israel amid warnings of possible attacks by Palestinian militants.

Mean while, in Beit Hanoun at least 21 Palestinians have been killed. Residents said the town of 30,000 people, was effectively under full Israeli control, with a curfew imposed. Hospital officials said a four-year-old Palestinian boy from the town was declared dead on Friday after being wounded on Thursday by a tank shell. Another child was critically wounded.
More than 280 Palestinians have been killed in the last four months, about half of them civilians. Three Israeli soldiers have been killed.

The Israeli army said it had fired at armed Palestinians and will investigate whether it had also shot two innocent women. A spokesperson said the army had footage showing armed men mingling among the women, which the army described as human shields.
Footage filmed by Reuters shows no men mingling among the crowds of women when the first shots were fired.

The Truth Will Set You Free has more information about this subject on their site toady if you would like to see more.

When is it enough? Why does Palestine make people go silent, deaf and blind?
I shake my head when I think of what a difference people could make by speaking about this, and choose not to. The truth is in black and white. It screams of injustice. But we turn away like it is not happening. Why?