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CAP, Raza Mahmood Baig for the Repentigny Riding in Quebec

Baig Mahmood Raza (raza3500@yahoo.com)
My name is Mr. Baig Mahmood Raza. I am a Journalist M.A by profession. I am a long time volunteer worker in the field. I was born in 1965. I am single. I come from the great Royal Mughal history of India. My family tradition has a long service for defending the country. My great grand father Major Muhammad Baig served in Dera Doon Rangoon India in the British army. My father (late) Major Asghar Baig) was a commissioned officer served in British army, and was a war veteran in Second World War. My maternal grand father Mirza Murdan Baig (Barlas) was a police office. He came from District Gurdaspur treva Mughlan in Ferozepur India. My father worked for peace in the Asian region in different military positions. My brother is currently serving in the United Nations peacekeeping army in Liberia as Deputy Commandant U.N.O forces. I have been working in Canada for 9 years. Now I am self employed. I volunteered in good shepherd senior citizen centre for three years, and did operation NeZ-Rouge. I helped a lot of people to become Canadian citizens free of charge. I gave them Ideas and served as volunteer at Himalaya Seniors Clam Org. I participate in Canada day every year. In 1998 during the flood in red River, I went to Winnipeg to help the citizens.
In Pakistan I wrote in different News Papers contributing many articles about culture and commerce. I interviewed artists in Daily Jang, Pakistan, Daily Awaimi Akhbar- Sadi- Lahore- Atish and Afar Asia. I have published in Canadian newspapers. In the Asian Report in Montreal I interviewed many local office bearers and politicians. I have taken part in Quebec politics to help me to understand the local culture and integration. I served and organized Pakistan Independent day in 1997 in Montreal. As I took part in Parc Ex sporting activities. I helped a lot of newspapers on news about the Asian community.
My favorite subject is International affairs. I served as member of delegations on several occasions. I visited as part of trade delegation to England with Benazeer Bhutto to Great Britain as an official delegate of trade. and with ex Minister of trade Ch. Mukhtar Ahmed. I was part of Pakistan trade delegate to Russia and Gulf in order to explore export market. I served as member of chamber of commerce Gujranwala. I have an excellent knowledge about the export Industry and International markets. I wish to help the Immigrants and refugees, explorer the Canadian Export market, eliminate poverty, and provide more opportunity to the public. Bring more honor and respect to the Citizen of Canada around the globe.
via the Canadian Action Party

Best of luck to you Mr. Raza!

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