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Canada stalling UN declaration on indigenous rights

I saw this headline a few days ago and will admit I knew nothing about it. I saved it but thought I'd like to look into it a bit more.

Stalling? I guess this has been stalled since the 1990's. The UK was stalling it in 2004.

What is even more perplexing is that since 1982, Canada had been helping them draft the declaration, to ensure it was balanced. Then when they get to vote, they voted against it.

Amnesty International said Canada teamed with the United States and Australia to stop the United Nations from passing a declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples.

Peter Mackay mentioned the broad wording around property rights and issues of natural resources. "We want to ensure that these implications are fully comprehended before we sign on."

I guess, back when they forced Natives onto reserves, the government thought they had given them all the land Canada wouldn't want. Now they realize some of those reservations could have valuble resources. I'm sure building and mining companies are just itching to get in on all that land.

The chief of a prominent Manitoba Aboriginal organization accuses Canadian representatives at the UN of attempting to bribe African member states in order to buy their support for a motion to delay final passage of the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights at the General Assembly in New York.