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Canada backs Fiji PM

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada Deepak Obhrai told Canada's House of Commons that the Canadian government is very concerned about the threats against the democratically elected government of Fiji by the Commander of the FMF.

Deepak Obhrai should be concerned that the Qarase government wants to grant an amnesty to the opportunists and thugs who carried out the May 2000 civil coup. It should be remembered that Qarase himself owes his position as prime minister to the 2000 coup which overthrew an elected government. He was only reelected earlier this year with the support of pro-coup elements. Naturally, Qarase is anxious to give these backers an amnesty to shore up his own position. I think the army is to be commended for opposing that sort of thing. Canadian politicians should take care before becoming involved in these matters.

Thank you very much for your input. I didn't know about that. And thanks for stopping by my site :)

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