Thursday, November 30, 2006

Polonium Pandemonium

(I finally got my husband to write an article for me, so here it is. Introducing, the other side of planet earth A_R)

The news has been all over the media. New information comes out everyday. Most of it has to be speculation. This is a spy case, the possibilities for who did it and why are endless. We might never know the truth.

But seeing as everyone else is speculating, I figured I might come up with my own "spy story." Remember there are probably hundreds of plausible outcomes and reasons behind this story. Here is my "conspriracy theory" or what if:

Let's take a look at some applications for the use of Polonium.
-When mixed with other chemicals it can become a neutron trigger for nuclear weapons.
-a lightweight heat source to power thermoelectric cells.
-Radioactive poison

This is rather alarming you would think. A flip flop spy dies by what could be one half of a trigger for a nuclear weapon. What if the (delayed) autopsy came upwith traces of the other chemicals that can be used to make a neutron trigger? And just why is the autopsy being delayed? I wonder how long these other chemical traces can last?

As things progress polonium is springing up everywhere. But initially it was in his hotel room, in the sushi bar, and in an undisclosed international security firm. We were told the name of the hotel and the sushi bar. For obvious reasons, the name of the security firm was not mentioned.

By November 30th, 2006 there are supposedly 12 sites in London where this toxic brew is present:
the Itsu sushi restaurant in Piccadilly, the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square, Litvinenko's home, Barnet General Hospital, University College Hospital, 25 Grosvenor Street, 58 Grosvenor Street, 7 Down Street, the Sheraton Hotel in Park Lane and the two grounded BA aircraft at Heathrow. The identity of the 12th location is unclear.

Erinys, an International Security Service and Risk Company, is the location mentioned on Grosvenor Street. It was formed in 2001, its website named at the time, five managers and directors most of whom have been affiliated with Armor Holdings, a Florida-based security companyand Defence Systems Limited, a British company which merged with Armor in 1997.
A former British Special Air Services (SAS) officer, director Alastair Morrison was co-founder and CEO of Defence Systems from 1981 to 1999. Morrison is currently affiliated with Armor Holdings, in which he holds $2.1 million worth of stock.
Fraser Brown, who directs Erinys' security operations, has worked for DSL/Armor since 1999. Jonathan Garratt, Erinys' managing director, has worked for DSL and Armor since 1992.
The two other Erinys officials named on the website have no apparent ties to either company: Sean Cleary is a South African risk management expert while Bill Elder previously worked as Bechtel's corporate security manager.

An interesting note is that Erinys was hired to protect 140 Iraqi oil installations, for which it beat out larger and more established competitors. The Johannesburg-based company also offered its protection services to contractors Bechtel and Halliburton's subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root

There are also allegations that they have hired people accused of war crimes and that they powerful alliances in Iraq. It is listed at Danger Zone Jobs as a prime contractor to the Gulf Regional Division of the United States Army Corp of Engineers, tasked with providing nationwide personal security details and protective services.

Then there is Boris. Boris Abramovich Berezovsky exiled businessman, and known as Russia's first billionaire. Which is the location mentioned on Down Street. Mr. Berezovsky was known to be close to Mr. Litvinenko and visited him in hospital before his death.

He was been accused of business irregularities in Russia and moved to the UK in 2001 where he was granted political asylum. In 2003 he legally changed his name to Platon. He recently went into business with Neil Bush, younger brother of George Bush.

Mr Litvinenko had travelled to Israel just weeks before he died to hand over evidence to a Leonid Nevzlin about how agents working for President Putin dealt with his enemies running the oil company. Nevzlin, the former second-in-command of Yukos, fled to Tel Aviv in fear for his life after the Kremlin seized and then sold off the £21 billion company. Did it have to do with oil?

However, Polonium-210 is very rare and very expensive. Check it out yourself. I believe it would cost millions for the amount of exposure the press is claiming. It's hard to believe that a million dollars was spent to poison someone. A poison that showed up in a urine sample. Maybe one would spend that kind of money on something that would leave no trace. It just seems so incredibly sloppy.

Will we ever know? Probably not. And in the world he was from, we could probably not even imagine what other possibilities there are. One thing is for sure, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall here, I'm sure they had their own ideas.

I'm thinking of taking this script to Hollywood, move over Bond.

Is the push on for privatizing our water?

It looks like it.

Federal governments are not rushing to fix the infrastructure and municipalities lack the means to do so. “As a result, governments are now much more open to the notion of privatizing their water infrastructure which, in turn, is providing a substantial boost to the private water industry,” Mr. Tal said.
“What we are witnessing here is a trend that is profoundly modifying water as an investment theme throughout the world.” Link

The thing is, if everything gets privatized, what exactly are tax dollars being spent on? Or can Canadians look for major tax breaks?

Ever wonder WHY so many people are depressed? No, just give 'em a pill.

This is a sad story when you really think about it. I know there is nothing funny about mental illness and that often times people do need medication for what they are going through. Almost everyone knows someone who has been effected my mental illness. But it seems to me that we hear more and more just how "common" it is to be depressed. And they are right. It is natural to get depressed. Life isn't a fairy tale.

People get fired, break-up and bad things happen. Things that we really shouldn't be happy about. And that is what I am talking about. Lot's of things happen to upset people, it's the small stuff I'm talking about. What ever happened to getting to the root of the problem instead of ignoring it? It's okay to cry, to get mad or sad. You don't have to be happy everyday. Things happen, with time and hopefully a few good friends, we do get over it and often become stronger or more aware of what caused the situation. We even learn from it. And it is normal.

There is such a push, to push pills to "cure" your depression. And the target market seems to be getting younger. If we run for a quick "fix" everytime something happens, how will we ever learn to cope? If I took a pill everytime I have been wronged, did something I regretted, felt angry or upset, I would need to an extra purse to carry my pills.

There are many people who benefit from these medications and therapy. Many people who need it. It just gets scary when it feels like you know more people "on pills" than not.

State Sen. Karen Johnson warns of merge of U.S. with Mexico, Canada

We keep hearing the warnings, but where is the talk in Canada? Our politicians haven't heard about it yet?

Yes, let the little guy pay...

Why is it that big companies get the breaks, and the average joe pays up? It doesn't make even make sense.

At a conference in Toronto co-sponsored by Canadian Business magazine. Roger Martin suggested to put in place a "smart" tax system that would make it attractive for companies to come to Canada. He uses a plan from Belgium as an example, it goes like this:

Let companies deduct from their corporate taxes the interest on financings they do within Belgium. What companies see is that the more corporate finance they do from Belgium, the lower their taxes will be. By at least one estimation the implementation of the plan could see corporate taxes in Belgium reduced to effectively zero, which raises worries about the effect on the government's tax base and the future of the country's generous social safety net. But the tax idea is smart in that it encourages companies to locate head office functions such as finance within Belgium's borders. That is, while corporate taxes might be cut, doing the cuts this way preserves the job base of accountants, lawyers and corporate executives that will provide the city with a stable tax base of well-off people.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Progressive Bloggers: Can you help spread this story on Charles LeBlanc around the net? Please...pretty please...

By now everyone has read about Blogger Charles LeBlanc and his court case. I realize this is a long post, but every word of it is worth taking your time to read it. I'd really like to spread the word, and I'm sure many of you can present the story better than me.

"Marcarc" has some great ideas that he stated over at Vive Le Canada. Here is a sample:

"True, the MSM won't always be objective, however, there is only so much a group can do. As Charles says, a good many protests take place in Fredericton, its "where all the generals are". The first act, before spring, is to get Charles a cheap video camera. Since his blogging has been 'recognized', he's a good candidate. However, there is now a school of journalism at St.Thomas University which probably has access to cameras and may like to get involved. I think the MAIN aim would be to get the communications together because in many cases it might be that the CBC simply doesn't know about it. CBC cameramen are well known to Charles, so if the CBC takes more interest in more of these protests, then thats better than nothing. However, they do tend to keep their footage close to the chest. While this case was ongoing I frequently asked them and at the blog what the video tape showed and they refused to respond, they would only respond in open court. The idea is of course to keep these things from happening in the first place. So between Charles' blog, the CBC and the school of journalism hopefully that will do it. If not, then we'll have to start hitting up volunteers.

If anybody has the financial means to help out, go to Charles website at and you can find his address there. I am the person mentioned in the article who bought him the computer and camera, so I'm pretty well tapped out for awhile.

For those who can't help financially, there are other things you can do. For example, New Brunswick is well known as 'the Irving Empire', and a lot of these things happen because Irving owns all the media except the CBC. Charles mentioned that he actually put the NY Times on hold because he was talking to the CBC and as he states, he'd be in jail if it weren't for the CBC.

So wherever you are you can join the boycott of Irving products. They are found at Charles website. If you are west of Ontario I'm not sure how many you have access to, but a quick list for eastern ontario includes Midland Courier, Cavendish Farms, Kent Wood Products, and Majesta Brand paper products. It is up to an Irving employee whether press passes to the press gallery are given. One of the reasons he was refused was because he 'didn't have an employer', so I'm thinking of starting up a website and have him as an employee (even though I can't pay him)

You can also go to the website, and email the Premier and liberal MLA's to reinstate Charles' right to enter the Legislature in Fredericton. The only thing politicians understand is pressure. Tell them you are blogging and telling all your friends you are boycotting the province and refusing to travel there (you may want to 'hint' that you were thinking of vacationing or investing there). You may want to add some emails to the likes of McCains to that since they are the other bigwigs in the province and they have MANY products out there. Boycotting is no good unless people know, you don't have to get a sign and go in front of your store (some photoshop may be a neat idea though;) but let McCains know WHY you are boycotting them. I just had that idea so more may come down the pike later on.

In the internet world word can spread fast, I know a few here have blogs, so some sharing and blog features on it would be nice. New Brunswickers are notorious for not getting involved in politics, but maybe this will 'jar' a few into making some emails as well. Of course all this will be made even more clear at Charles' blog. A boycott from outside sources may be just the impetus the government needs. They ARE new in power and Charles is actually a member of their party, so they may be looking for a way to make it good PR. The legislature doesn't sit until February, although I'm sure this ban could be changed before then.

That's not directly about the protest video idea, but sort of, because I think Charles is the guy for the job. He really is fearless. Just as an aside, another idea we are working on is getting some 'sponsors' for the website. If you can do like you do with foster children and donate 10 or 20 bucks a month, then we could actually employ Charles to take the video and give him a little more than a subsistence life. If you've been to his blog you'll also note that SOME control over his content would not be a bad thing either-he has a tendency to harass individuals and slander them. However, he is gettting better all the time.

Just a note, perhaps the timeline could be altered because there are more issues surfacing in New Brunswick than in other areas. The 'Friends of Rockwood Park' are currently protesting a natural gas pipeline through the park, and Irving is planning a new refinery. Plus, the "Atlantica" stuff is always ongoing and increasing. Just spitballing here.For more info on Charles, see his blog or my site "Charles In The House"

"A sudden thought I had that perhaps people here could help with would be a 'lobby group', but one whose only purpose is to go to demonstrations and video and photograph them. They could even have special hats or armbands. Not only would this keep police in line, but protesters too. Many of these protests are increasingly ignored by the media, in fact a special section could be set up at Vive to get 'the scooop'.

Some people who want to keep an eye on cops as well as people who want to keep an eye on protestors would make great volunteers. Most people do not like to 'protest' unless they have to, this would get people who aren't necessarily political to show up. Something to think about." "In New Brunswick we are going to start up such a group. Basically anybody I can find with a video camera or digital camera will be invited to protests and we'll come up with a website and some means of identification. Sort of like many church groups do at protests and other events such as at Burnt Church. We are going to try to get protestors to contact us before the protest, and we'll contact the media to see if they are planning to videotape of photograph it, if not, then we'll get a 'team' out there. New Brunswick is notoriously tough to get people involved in stuff like this, but we'll try at the churches and anywhere else."

Pretty great stuff, eh? So let's spread the word and maybe some of us can contribute a little more? Thanks.

International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People

Please visit Filasteen for further information and stories.

I try to keep people informed about Palestine because I believe their plight has been over-looked for too many decades. I wish one day they will have their homes, land and business' back. I wish they find peace and an end to their suffering. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank the brave Israeli's that have spoken out about the truth.

Organic Farmer on Hunger Strike

Michael Schmidt was in a standoff with police and public health authorities on Tuesday over selling raw milk. A week earlier his farm was raided by Ministry of Natural Resources inspectors. He has been on a week long hunger strike and says he will continue until authorities return his confiscated equipment and promise to leave him alone. Link

While I understand that there are health risks involved in drinking raw milk. There are health risks from millions of things in this world. Pollution, nuclear waste, mining waste, vaccinations, pharmacudical pills we take, heck, look at when they thought it was okay to add slaghtered animal remains in feed. That wasn't dangerous? Give me a break. Look at all the antibiotics and steroids in our food supply. Chemicals in nearly everything we eat. And they won't label GM food.

So, our Police force has to waste their time on this...over milk!

Oh wait, remember the standoff between OPP and farmers over a raid on a chicken farm?

My earlier article doesn't seem so "far out" anymore.

It's hard to respect where they are coming from when they get rid of the few people actually DID their job and tried to protect the Canadian consumer. It makes one wonder where their interests really are.

Photographs of Iraq from 1918 when it was under British Control

I was at a lawn sale two summers ago and bought a small photo album full of black and white photographs of Iraq from 1918. There are pictures of mosques, daily life, Ezras Tomb, camps...

There were about 8 more albums, but when I started looking through this one, another man came and scooped up the others! I could have clobbered him!! :)

I was going through it this morning and wondered just how many of these buildings I was looking at have been destroyed.

I might post some of these photos but my scanner is on the brink. I'll be getting another one soon. Anyone interested in seeing them? If not, I won't bother.

UPDATE: All these photographs have been put up on my Flicker site here

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To Liberal Progressive Bloggers

Good Luck and have fun in Montreal. I'm not a Liberal but I enjoy reading your blogs and hope the best man for the job wins. It would be nice to see a Liberal Leader who really wants what is best for Canada. I hope one of them is that person. Cheers!

I think the vote is in December? So give us a good Christmas present (someone who won't go along with the integration of North America) K?

Three enemies have common ground

They are the only ones who want to cut Iraq into pieces. Pro-Iranians in the Iraqi government would like a Shi'a state in the south. Al-Qaida would like a Sunni state in the middle and the US just wants it in pieces and then run away leaving everyone else to pick up the mess.

Leadership Council Troubled By Today’s Vote at the United Nations

After two decades of discussion and development, the slow pace of approval of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples came to a halt today at the current session of the UN General Assembly in New York. A resolution put forward by the Namibian delegation - in effect, a non-action motion on the Declaration - was supported by a majority with 82 Nation States voting in favour, 67 Nation States voting not in favour and 25 Nation States abstaining.

"Canada was positioned to play a significant role in supporting the Declaration but Canada chose to actively oppose the Declaration as a member of the Human Rights Council and at the General Assembly," commented BC Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Shawn Atleo. "We share the deep frustration of all those who worked long and hard to get the Declaration to this point. We sincerely hope that the Declaration is not lost and that we can find a way in which to revitalize this important work." Link

Monday, November 27, 2006

History in the making: a party that doesn't want to "dumb down" Canadians

That's what I like about the Canadian Action Party. It seems where other parties give a "dumbed down" or zipped lip approach to what is happening in Canada, the Canadian Action Party WANTS you to know what is going on. They are courageous enough to make changes, that might seem "over the top" to some, but they are willing to fight for the best interests of Canada and it's people.

I've never seen a party in Canada like this before, and I hope it is a sign of things to come. I'm surprised they haven't created a storm of talk in blog land. Maybe it's easier to ignore the truth and keep with the status quo.

For me, I look at it as something big. Historical. Don't count them out. I expect in to see more and more waves from this party. They are determined to make a difference in Canada.

Where most parties have good people that want to make a difference but end up having to tow the party line. This party has a Leader and platform that stands for Canada. Towing this party line would actually be a good thing. Imagine that?

The Canadian Action Party is history in the making.

Canada stands alone in vote

The UN body urged Israel to dismantle settlements on occupied land. Canada was the only country to vote against this.

"NATO should be ready to fight more than one big operation at a time"

In other words, look for things to get worse, not better? What a sad world we have created. Link

North American Union exposed during Senate Debate

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Uh oh, is this what will happen in Canada?

Wheat export deregulation to cost billions. Highly profitable growers would survive immediate deregulation, the report found, but about 12,000 farmers with small to medium sized farms could suffer.

Isn't that always the way?

The monopoly Canadian Wheat Board – set to be deregulated in 2013 – and AWB have been targeted in WTO negotiations as “state trading enterprises” which distort world trade.

Always a win for the big guys, the big FU to the family farmer.

Canadian MP said 'No Deal" to a Sister City in India due to negative approach of some officials

This was revealed by NRI and Liberal Party Member of Parliament of Canada, Sukh Dhaliwal during a meeting with the local industrialists and businessmen.

Global warming may help satellites fly longer

Oh, isn't that just great!

Canada's first private ER to begin service

B.C. NDP Leader Carole James has demanded the resignation of the province's health minister George Abbott.

Carlyle Group eyes computer chips

I shuddered when I heard the news.....

The company it may acquire is Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. They test and assemble computer chips.

Meet the Carlyle Group

Civil War

Here is what I think about the civil wars going on in two words:


-I have errands to run so I'll have to post more later.

-If anyone is reading this and you know how I can change the title of my blog from black to white, please let me know. It's fine on IE but with firefox, it doesn't show the banner and you can't see my header. Thanks :)

-Check out my links list over there, under the archives ----------->
Especially Yaya Canada. She always has great posts.
Or pop the Canadian Action Party site. They are always up to date with breaking news that is actually IMPORTANT to Canadians. They also have a wealth of information on North American Integration.

Catch U Later!

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Canadian Action Party Unfolds New Look

The new web site looks just great! A note to anyone who links to CAP, the old one doesn't work anymore, so make sure to update your link.

Here is the logo:

There are so many good articles on this site. It's a wealth of information. This is one party that I think speaks to Canadians with integrity and honesty. They sure don't mince words!

Connie Fogal is the Canadian Action Party Leader:
I wish people weren't so reluctant to throw their support behind newer parties. Maybe things will change. But if we keep electing the same old parties, it will never happen. Take a minute of your day and pop by the new site.

Global alliance of NGOs formed to protect rivers

This is a portion of the article:
United States' based activists Steve Fleischi and Scott Edwards of Waterkeeper Alliance, Bob Shavelson of Cook Inletkeeper, Terry of Long Island Soundkeeper resolved to work with Indian groups on how the decisions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were impacting countries. They would investigate where the taxpayers' money was going. Was it going to better the lives of people or to marginalise the poor and such sections of society that cannot afford clean water and were being denied access through conditional lending?

"We are the most wanted group in the United States. We have sued the Bush administration several times for their policies," said Mr Fleischi in a lighter vein at a press conference here.
Their alliance is working in Mexico, Australia, Canada, Senegal and the Czech Republic with groups who are tired of exploitation of resources by outside forces and their own.

"We have come together to see how we can defeat the corporate globalisation of pollution. Flowing rivers are essential to meet people's needs and keep life flowing,'' he said. Link

Iran to pursue human rights violation in Canada

Iran criticized Canada for its human rights violations, in particular those against its native residents and migrants.

Since the arrival of Islam and until only recently, Jews and Muslims had lived together harmoniously, getting on better than Christians with Jews

Here is a paragraph from the article:
But this is often overlooked because of the current confrontation in the Middle East. Leaders would do well to look back at the example of Spain when ruled by the Moors. Until the invasion of the more conservative Almohad dynasty, Muslim Spain, at its best, was a beacon of religious and cultural tolerance, of libraries and literature. It produced great Muslim and Jewish scholars who interacted often. When Muslims took Jerusalem back from the Crusaders, one of their first acts was to allow Jews back to the city. Salahudin, a great Muslim hero, had as a senior advisor the great Jewish scholar Maimonides. Link

Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People?

This article shows how the press went back and forth over the issue. But the UN did not point any fingers to Iraq. Both Iran and Iraq accused eachother of using gas on the Kurds.

The US Army War College conducted an investigation and concluded based on the specific gas weapon used that it was Iran, not Iraq that gassed the Kurds.

The Pentagon issued a report that said that both sides used chemical weapons, thinking they were targeting the enemy, there was no evidence that it was the Iraqis. Iraq was not believed to have cyanide gas, whereas, it was known that Iran did.

This article states that at one time "British planes gassed and bombed Kurdish villages in Iraq in order to enforce the borders they wanted. "I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas," wrote Britain's war secretary at the time, Winston Churchill. "I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes.... [W]e cannot in any circumstances acquiesce in the non-utilization of any weapons which are available to procure a speedy termination of the disorder which prevails on the frontier." Meanwhile the Turkish government brutally repressed its own Kurdish population, denying them freedom of language and culture. Although this violated the peace treaty, the Western powers supported the Turks who were seen as a vital ally in preventing the spread of the Russian Revolution"

I'm not saying Saddam is a saint, or that he wasn't brutal but look at these facts:
-Estimates of the number of innocents who have died in Iraq from American-dictated UN sanctions range between 1-1.7 million, including more than half-a-million children.

-An article in The New England Journal of Medicine, assessed that more than 46,900 children died between January and August 1991.

-UNICEF official Thomas Ekfal estimates that about 500,000 children have died in Iraq since the United Nations Security Council imposed economic sanctions on Baghdad.

I don't know who gassed the Kurds. I don't know what the truth is anymore about anything when it comes to the Middle East. But things don't look so good on our side either. What do you think?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Canadian Entrepreneurs Launch National Space Chamber of Commerce

I have nothing to add but $$$$$$$$$$$

Behind The Wall

In this web-site, you will read the thoughts and feelings of Palestinian teenagers. Their ideas have not been edited because we believe you want to know what is really in their hearts and minds. Students are asked questions and directed to comment on given topics. They also often write about issues they choose. Peers edit the articles for grammar. The result is what you see in Behind The Wall. Link

Russia says its spies help protect Canada's troops

Not only that but our cannons are firing Russian ammunition in Afghanistan and our special forces are using small arms procured in Russia.

Chinese scientists say SARS originated in civet cats

but the World Health Organization is not convinced.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

U.S. legislator warns of Bush plot to merge Canada, the U.S. and Mexico

I've been vindicated! I've been saying this for years and people looked at me like I had just told them UFO's were coming. Thank you Tom Tancredo!

There is so much news, I'm just unloading it all in this post...

The Canadian funded Peacekeeping Documentation Centre, part of the West Africa Police Project, will open Thursday morning.

The Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Jean Pierre Lavoie said "I am thinking particularly on the improvement of the business environment and other economic and political reforms which will enable the full exploitation of Cameroon's potentials," during a business forum. He underlined the importance of making use of rich natural resources. Canada, he said, has made good use of its own resources to build a strong, prosperous, free and tolerant society that it is today. (Note the use of the words full exploitation, how fitting. And it is laughable that he said Canada has made good use of it's resources. We have been sold out by NAFTA. Canada would have been a richer Country if we atually had control of our own resources.)

A group of academics, educators, NGO workers, peace advocates and human rights researchers from Canada, United States, Uganda, and Europe gathered at the University of British Columbia to discuss what to do about the situation in Uganda.
Some were surprised that individuals from Europe and North America say that the western mode of justice is not valid in all circumstances.
One person suggested that there would be a double tragedy in the European model of justice were the perpetrators of vicious crimes incarcerated since most were children abducted in the morning of their innocence and turned into vicious killers and rapists. Hmmm....

Coun. Clive Doucet plans to introduce a motion asking Canada's auditor general to investigate the Treasury Board president for his decision to withhold federal funds during Ottawa's municipal election campaign. Hmmm... again

An environmental organization said Canada should replace its current system of voluntary guidelines with legally binding national standards that are on par with the rest of the industrialized world. 75 percent of aboriginal reserves drinking water systems suffering safety and water quality problems which the rules for water treatment systems are set by the federal government. And the private companies are trying to get some media attention. Shocking isn't it? No, not really...

EADS Canada is disappointed by the decision of Canada's Government for only dealing with Lockheed Martin on aircraft contract.

Canada's governor general will South Africa next month. On Wednesday, she left Algeria, where she began her trip, for Mali. She is scheduled to go on to Ghana, South Africa and Morocco before returning to Canada on December 11.

The Liberal party is asking Elections Canada to investigate two new accusations of potentially illegal fundraising practices by the ruling Conservatives.

Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said Canada, like Britain, follows thoroughly the policies of the US administration pointing to daily massacre of the Palestinian people.

A First Nation has asked a joint Canada-B.C. environmental panel reviewing Northgate Minerals' proposed mine project in northern B.C. to halt the process because it says aboriginals haven't been properly consulted. They are worried about a lake that Northgate proposes to use to dump mine and milling waste. Northgate says the use of the lake is the best environmental option and the only economically feasible option: $200 million versus the next scenario at $1 billion. So, screw the environment, it costs too much to do the right thing.

Civilian redevelopment agencies are paralyzed and the Defence Department has quietly slipped Canada’s military commander in southern Afghanistan an extra $1 million of its own money for reconstruction and aid projects.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meet team CANDU

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc,Babcock & Wilcox Canada, GE Canada and Hitachi Canada and they are eyeing Ontario.

But it doesn't matter, right?

Because they are only Palestinians...

An Israeli advocacy group, using maps and figures leaked from inside the government, says that 39 percent of the land held by Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is privately owned by Palestinians.

Israel has long asserted that it fully respects Palestinian private property in the West Bank and only takes land there legally or, for security reasons, temporarily.

If big sections of those settlements are indeed privately held Palestinian land, that is bound to create embarrassment for Israel and further complicate the already distant prospect of a negotiated peace. The data indicate that 40 percent of the land that Israel plans to keep in any future deal with the Palestinians is private.

and she deserved this because she believes in human rights...

and Mr. Harper says we share the same values.

Free Trade Agreements: A Failed Experiment.

This is a rant from over at Op Ed by one angry man. But I agree with him. A few colourful words are thrown in, to those who might be offended.

Pembroke Company wants to dump more radio-active waste into Ottawa river.

Why? Because inspectors found radioactivity levels up to 80 times higher than what is considered safe in the groundwater near the plant and suggests it was due to run off. Link

Olympics could hurt Canada`s Afghan military tour

Canada might not be able to stay in Afghanistan because of the Olympics? Even though the military hasn't been asked to provide troops.

I just know there's more to this story, I just don't know what it is yet.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Killing Zone

British report on Israeli violence in Gaza against not only Palestinian civilians, but international aid volunteers and foreign reporters as well.

S. Korea, Canada to hold 8th round of free trade talks

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the negotiations would take place from November 20-23 in Seoul. Link

Cellphone as Tracker: X Marks Your Doubts

Geez...a new cellphone gimic. With the touch of a button, you can locate (track) up to 25 of your friends if they have the same phone. There goes privacy out the window.

When families adopt positioning cellphone services, a new problem will likely emerge, Professor Mark said. The very act of turning off one’s location beacon may itself be seen as suspicious. “If you don’t want your location known,” he asked, “does that mean you intend to do something improper?”

Here's a link to another post from a few weeks ago:
Tagging Ontario Cell Phones to Track Traffic

Surveillance is really getting under my skin

This is a great article on just how dangerous this RFID technology really is. Not that anyone who uses computers wouldn't already know how easy it would be to steal our personal information. It also takes a close look into the human implant chip. They made their own scanner and conducted a few experiments.

Here is a quip from the article:
But it turns out that this futuristic device is rather unimpressive. It took Adam Laurie no time at all to pass a scanner over my arm, extract the information and clone the RFID.
You can see the attraction of such gimmicks. The same instinct is busy consigning us all to centralised databases and promotes the use of number-recognition cameras to track our movements. In the face of the great threats of the modern world, our leaders have become mesmerised by the promise of total and inviolate security.
But there is no such thing. Indeed, there is every reason to suppose that this technology and the huge centralised databases, with their multiple points of access, mean that we will become exposed to the very threats they seek to protect us from.
The truth is that as soon as a piece of security technology is introduced, its existence inspires an equal ingenuity among those who wish to break it. Caught in the middle of this security arms race are you and me, seen as suspects by one side and as fair game by the other.
· Henry Porter and Neil Ferguson's film, Suspect Nation, can be seen on More4 at 9pm tomorrow

Sunday, November 19, 2006

This is Canada?




We the Women Title Holders of the Kanion’ke:haka are filing an objection to the exploitation of the Crees of Kashechewan by DeBeers, Indian Affairs, Ontario Government and their agents. This private company and these governments have no legal authority under Canadian, international or Cree law to interfere with the indigenous resources involved. We advise you to back off immediately!

Although we are not Cree, we have a duty under the Kaianereh’ko:wa, our constitution, to help all our Indigenous brothers and sisters from the east to the west coast of Turtle Island. We also have a duty as citizens of the world to uphold the equal and inalienable rights of all people and to defend their human rights.

The people of Kashechewan have been deprived of the most basic human rights. There is presently a crisis of E-coli contamination of the water. The Canadian government Department of Indian Affairs caused it and refuses to fix it. This has been going on for 9 years.

At the end of October 2005, half of the 2,000 people were suddenly evacuated to southern Canadian cities all over Ontario. They were put in cheap hotels and military institutions. They were deprived of their right to their community, family relations and to have a decent standard of living. Unlike refugee claimants in Canada, they were given no resources to ensure their survival. They had to rely on vouchers and handouts which restricted their freedom. They could not provide for themselves and their families in these alien environments. One family was evacuated to Sault Ste. Marie. When they wanted to go home, Indian Affairs refused to fund their travel. They ended up in a Women’s Shelter in Akwesasne and they’re still there.

On the weekend of January 7th and 8th, 2006, there were three deaths in the community. One young man died of a heart attack due to stress. Two were shackled in a building that did not meet the most minimal safety standards. The building caught fire and they burnt to death. Both the toxic water and this fire are due to criminal negligence by the colonial government.
Continued here.

And if you think that one is shocking, this one is even more so! All I can say is Holy Crap! And we wonder why they are frustrated. Read it, you won't believe it.

Canada stalling UN declaration on indigenous rights

I saw this headline a few days ago and will admit I knew nothing about it. I saved it but thought I'd like to look into it a bit more.

Stalling? I guess this has been stalled since the 1990's. The UK was stalling it in 2004.

What is even more perplexing is that since 1982, Canada had been helping them draft the declaration, to ensure it was balanced. Then when they get to vote, they voted against it.

Amnesty International said Canada teamed with the United States and Australia to stop the United Nations from passing a declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples.

Peter Mackay mentioned the broad wording around property rights and issues of natural resources. "We want to ensure that these implications are fully comprehended before we sign on."

I guess, back when they forced Natives onto reserves, the government thought they had given them all the land Canada wouldn't want. Now they realize some of those reservations could have valuble resources. I'm sure building and mining companies are just itching to get in on all that land.

The chief of a prominent Manitoba Aboriginal organization accuses Canadian representatives at the UN of attempting to bribe African member states in order to buy their support for a motion to delay final passage of the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights at the General Assembly in New York.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Occupation 101

23 mins of the upcoming documentary about the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

All your fingerprints are belong to us....

The acquisition of ComnetiX Inc. in Oakville, Ontario, is the second L-1, based in Stamford, CT has announced in the past two months. L-1 last month bought SpecTal, a Virginia-based consultant to the government intelligence community.

ComnetiX provides biometric identification and authentication technologies to companies and government agencies in Canada and the United States. Its fingerprinting services are used in criminal background checks.

Founded in 1980 by its president, Edward Escubedo, ComnetiX's clients include Toronto Police Services, Criminal Intelligence Services Canada, the New York Department of Criminal Justice Services, Spain's Ministry of Justice, the Boston Police Department, American Airlines, Lehman Brothers, New York City Health and Hospital Corp. and the Royal Canadian Mounties.

Nuclear Energy and Climate Change

"Investing in nuclear power is a sure way to lose the battle against climate change," Greenpeace campaigner Sarah North said.

"It costs up to 10 times as much as energy efficiency measures to get the same carbon savings and creates huge security and environmental threats that will last for tens of thousands of years."


The International Energy Agency urged governments on Tuesday to build more nuclear plants to slow climate change and increase energy security, throwing its weight behind the push for atomic power.

It's a he said/she said debate. The hell with the "truthiness." We'll just see who wins the sheeple's minds. It's all about who can make us think something and have it "stick." Fact? Fiction? Who cares, there's money to be made.

Protesters Armed With Water Guns, Storm Melbourne Offices at The G-20 Summit

Also group representing major international mining companies - the Energy and Minerals Business Council - will addresses G-20 delegates Saturday, it will be the first time a business group has had direct access to the forum, launched in 1999.

Canada WOULD be prepared to help search N.Korean cargo.

We haven't officially been asked. But, by telling the media we would be prepared to do so kind of let's the cat out of the bag, doesn't it?

What is the big deal over passports?

I just don't get it. Many people already have a passport and if we eventually need one to cross the Canada/US border, so what? If you don't have one get one.
I keep hearing it's about the cost. We just don't want to fork over the $70 dollars.

To make it "easier" the new ID card would better. Better for who? I can just imagine the tax dollars spent on issuing new cards, security measures, and programs. Sure, it would be good for databanks, information sharing, companies that will make millions providing the cards, and new technology.

But think for a minute, who is paying for it. Taxpayers. $70 dollars for a passport, will save millions in the end.

About 25 US and Canadian "officials" met in Grand Forks to talk about this ID card. The card could be scanned at the border by the electronic features on a driver's licenses to identify citizenship.

More and more of our freedom is lost everyday. I wonder where we will be 2 years from now.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Washington State wants to scan licenses on people crossing the B.C Border

The devices can scan the bar code on the back of U.S. and Canadian licenses to check for fakes and to see whether the driver's name is on security watch lists in either country.

British Columbia supports the trial and is eyeing its own project, probably using the same technology, Zenk said.

Canada dismisses report it may sell nuclear firm

"AECL is not for sale," said spokeswoman Kathleen Olson. She declined to speculate on whether an eventual sale of all or part of AECL's assets was an option being studied for the future.

Amnesty International finds Canada's vote regrettable.

“Political posturing should not be allowed to take priority over the human rights of victims and the civilian population on both sides of the conflict. A visionary approach is now required from the international community in order to halt the appalling abuses of human rights suffered in the Occupied Territories and Israel and to bring peace and security to the region,” Amnesty International said.

Amnesty International regrets the vetoing by the United States in the Security Council on 11 November of a resolution condemning attacks on civilians by both Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups. Similarly, the vote by Canada and most EU Human Rights Council members on 15 November against a resolution in the Council which urged all concerned parties to respect international humanitarian law and to refrain from attacking civilians is also deeply regrettable – particularly in the absence of any alternative proposal.

And this:

The resolution before the UN Thursday speaks of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination — and saw Canada abstain, whereas Canada endorsed the resolution last year under the Liberals.

I would like to see any one of these politicians live a day in the life of a Palestinian. Just one day.

Petro-Canada to Sell Oil-Sands Properties in Alberta

Petro-Canada, the third-largest oil company in Canada, plans to sell interests in five oil-sands properties in Alberta to focus development efforts on deposits in which it has larger stakes.

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi speaks at Iraq forum

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi was born to a Jewish mother and an Iraqi father. She recently put her medical career on hold to visit with family members in Iraq, and recently returned from a three-month stay in Basrah and Baghdad. Dr. Wasfi described her experience in Iraq and discussed the life of Iraqis under occupation on April 27, 2006 in Washington, DC

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Staff of about 40 Canadians, will control Canadian land, air and sea forces from the USS Gunston Hall, and will be manned by about 240 US sailors

The commander of one of the U.S. Navy's amphibious squadrons Capt. Marty Allard told the Halifax Herald, "We have this vision -- the American vision -- of a 1,000-ship navy, but we're never going to have 1,000 ships. As different nations work towards different capabilities, we believe that we can put together a coalition of United States, British, Canadian, Netherlands, French, Spanish, on and on and on, together that would give us a 1,000-ship navy for peaceful nations. This is certainly a capability that would be useful to the Canadian Forces today, had it been introduced several years ago.'

Delirium, hallucinations and other unusual psychiatric behavior. Come get your flu shot...

Furthermore, the FDA acknowledged that stopping treatment with Tamiflu could actually harm influenza patients if the virus is the cause of delirium, hallucinations and other abnormal behavior, such as aggression and suicidal thoughts.
(It's a win-win situation for the drug companies)

Moving the Cree's, Kashechewan and one smart National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations

Phil Fontaine, the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, says he thinks the federal government wants to move Natives off their land to smooth the way for private development of northern resources. (I think this guy has hit the nail on the head. Time will tell, won't it?)

But, of course, they'll leave the decision up to the people, that way they can escape any backlash. They WANTED to leave...

Missing gear costs Canadian military a mint

The list of missing gear:
-clothing and kits
-11 weapons and accessories worth $10,733
-16 pieces of telecommunication equipment worth $29,497
-nine desktop computers worth $14,939
-five laptops valued at $17,350
-8,174 lost or damaged pieces of combat gear cost the department $687,629

And just WHO does it cost? WHO pays for this? The military? Ummmm.....Canadian taxpayers.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The United States contends that the Northwest Passage, though owned by Canada, is an international strait with free passage for all

The issue has suddenly come alive because climate change is reducing the Arctic ice pack that prevents regular shipping through the passage. Link

I'd write something about this but I would just be ranting and swearing. So I'll save you the agony :)

Canada's lakes, ponds turning into mining dumps

Lakes and ponds across Canada will become junkyards for mining companies now that Ottawa has allowed Aur Resources Inc. (TSX:AUR) to dump waste into two Newfoundland water outlets, environmental critics said Friday.

Trout Pond and an unnamed lake near Buchans in central Newfoundland were approved last month to serve as dumping grounds for the tailings from the company's Duck Pond copper-zinc operation.

"It is precedent-setting across the country," said Joan Kuyek, national co-ordinator with MiningWatch Canada, based in Ottawa.

Canada backs Fiji PM

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada Deepak Obhrai told Canada's House of Commons that the Canadian government is very concerned about the threats against the democratically elected government of Fiji by the Commander of the FMF.

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust Announces $25 Million of Conditional Acquisition of Commercial Properties

The portfolio consists of strategically located buildings, with a low vacancy rate. BTB REIT expects to close on these transactions before December 31st, 2006.
Properties are:
2220 Lapiniere in Longueuil
2004-2016 Rene-Laennec in Laval
1400-1440 Antonio-Barbeau in Montreal
5810-5878 Sherbrooke Street East in Montreal
30, 50 and 85 St-Charles in Longueuil

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust: Appointment of a Trustee
Mr. Garcia had a long career in the public and private sectors. He was President of the Canadian operations of the Standard Life Insurance Company from June 1993 to December 2004.
He currently sits on the board of Cogeco Inc., Cogeco Cable Inc. and Goodfellow Inc. He is Chairman of the Board of the Agence des partenariats public-prive du Quebec (PPP Quebec) and also a director of the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec.

What people are saying about the NAFTA Super-Highway

-This will require coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale, as literally millions of people and businesses could be displaced.

-The real issue is national sovereignty. Once again, decisions that affect millions of Americans are not being made by those Americans themselves, or even by their elected representatives in Congress. Instead, a handful of elites use their government connections to bypass national legislatures and ignore our Constitution– which expressly grants Congress the sole authority to regulate international trade. Link

-Mexican trucks crossing into the United States would be checked electronically through a system called SENTRI. The first customs stop is Kansas City SmartPort Inc., which is to become sovereign Mexican territory. Link

-Here's the list of 45 of the 80 High Priority Corridors. Link

-NAFTA Superhighways Threaten North America. Link

-Of particular concern for Burney is the expiration of Bush's "fast-track authority" - permission from Congress to negotiate the fine print of international trade agreements - next January.
"If you get in that tile of more protectionists than free-trade types, then the prospects of the president getting his authority reinstated are going to be a lot more difficult than they otherwise would be," he said. "That's not a good scenario." Link (I would imagine this would include the Super-Highway. I am sure they are really trying to fast-track it now)

-NAFTA Super Highway debate inflames Texas Governor's race. Link

-Let Investors Finance the Highways. Link

-NAFTA highway faces uncertain future. Link

-A good reason Bush does not want to secure the border with Mexico may be that the administration is trying to create express lanes for Mexican trucks to bring containers with cheap Far East goods into the heart of the U.S., all without the involvement of any U.S. union workers on the docks or in the trucks. Link

-Why Foreign Companies? Link

-While American-based manufacturers will continue to suffer under the barrage of Chinese goods, Mexican industry will be smashed flat by what should be called a new Silk Road rather than a NAFTA highway. The economic development goals of NAFTA are being abandoned.

-The new transport plans make a mockery of these arguments, as they are aimed purely at helping China improve its competitive advantage over all North and Central American rivals. What is being built is truly a “Highway of Death” for both NAFTA and CAFTA. The resulting regional turmoil will be felt in the United States. Link

-To add insult to injury, the customs complex (known as Smart Port) in Kansas City will be a Mexican customs station. However, it is being built with American taxpayers' money. A description on the Smart Port website reads: "For those who live in Kansas City, the idea of receiving containers nonstop from the Far East by way of Mexico may sound unlikely, but later this month that seemingly far-fetched notion will become a reality." Link

Monday, November 13, 2006

Want to know more about Will Arlow?

Will Arlow is running in the London North Centre by-election for the Canadian Action Party.

You can listen to him on:
November 16,2006 - Listen to Will Arlow on News Radio 1290 London from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Better yet go and meet Will Arlow at the all candidates event November 22, 2006 London Central Library - Steven Hunt Room Sponsored by Women's Votes Count Time: 7-9 p.m. Contact Lisa Wibdifield at 519-686-2094 for more information

Good Luck Will! A vote for Will is a vote for Canada!!!! A_R

Grit wants investigation into alleged spying on defence

A costly foreign trip by the Senate's security and defence committee has given rise to heated allegations the Conservative government is actively spying on Liberals in the upper chamber.
Full story.

The Internet or African Development? Internet wins.

The Secretary of State for Communication, Information and Technology, Mrs. Nenneh Macdouall-Gaye, was recently invited by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the government of Canada to lead a sixty-man delegation from Africa to attend the Government Technology and Professional Development Forum in Ottawa, Canada.

She pointed out that out of the one billion people connected to the internet worldwide, Africa suffers the lowest and most expensive connectivity, citing the high cost of access to international bandwidth.

Mrs. Macdouall-Gaye also noted that 90% of international internet traffic passes through the developed countries, and it is the developing countries that bear the burden of cost. This, of course, restraints the growth of internet in Africa, she said. She further lamented on the loss of about $400 million a year spent on international bandwidth, which she said could have been utilized for developing the African continent.
Full story

Canada Strips Ships for Afghan War Effort

"Canada is considering taking Phalanx systems from some of its warships, and shipping them to Afghanistan, to protect the Canadian base at Kandahar. The Canadian Phalanx systems will need some new software, which the Americans are apparently willing to provide."
Full story.

Ag Canada experimental farmland in Charlottetown on hold

Keep it an experimental farm? Or is it surplus land? Keep it green or build it up?
The First Nations community has made a claim on the land.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Grandpa and the War

(I wanted to post this yesterday but I had company.)

I remember being very young when I found out that my Grandpa had fought in the war. My Dad (knowing I would question my Grandpa to no end) warned me not to ask him about it, that he did not talk about that part of his life. Of course, that only made me want to know more!

One thing you should know is that we (my siblings) we the first set of Grand-children in the family. Things changed as the years went on, but at that time, a visit to my Grandparents home went like this:

Rule #1: Do not speak unless you are spoken to.

Rule #2: Always remember Rule #1.

The problem was, Grandpa was a man of few words. I can remember him in his chair, reading the newspaper, and me sitting on the floor, waiting... just waiting for him to say anything. And then I would get to ask all those questions I had. Sometimes it would take an hour for him to finish with that paper, and now that I am older I know he was probably seeing how long before I would get tired of sitting there and give up and go outside to play with everyone else. But it didn't happen. Ever. I waited. Always.

The paper would get folded, and put on the side table and he would look down at me.


AH HA! My patience paid off. Every visit, the same thing. And it started off with the same question.

"Grandpa, did you find out what type of Indian we are yet?"


"Doesn't anyone know?"

"I'll try to find the letter"

The letter. That blasted piece of paper that would let me know about my roots. A letter inviting him to be a part of a ceremony, and smoke a peace pipe in honor of someone in our family!

"OK, I hope were are Iroquois" and "Or maybe our family knew Louis Riel!"

He wanted nothing more than for me to go away. My Grandfather was the last person in our family that you could look at, and know there was Native blood in him. His children all had dark hair but no distinct look about them, and once the grand-children came, well....I'm a red-head.

For whatever reason, he did not want to let me in on that part of his family. He passed away recently, and on my last visit with him, I was desperate, I knew this was my last chance to get an answer. I never did...he would "make a call and let me know." It didn't happen.

I later learned that being a Native in the armed forces when he was, wasn't easy. He wasn't even half-blooded. But the stigma (I guess that's what you'd call it) was there. My Dad said it was rough on Grandpa. Maybe that is when his reluctance to acknowledge his roots started? All I know is he was treated differently than other people in the Army.

When I got older he told me one thing about the war.

It was about a good friend. In one sentence he said, "I watched his face get blown off."
After that he said he stayed drunk and doesn't remember a thing.

My Dad told me sometime during the war, a man (high-up in the ranks) took a liking to Grandpa and got him to be his driver. Dad said that Grandpa spent most of his time driving this man to various bars and whore-houses. (Seriously)

It wasn't until his funeral that I found out he drove a tank. There was an amazing picture of a tank nearing the top of a hill, the front half of it in the air. Underneath it said he was driving it.

I asked if anyone found "the letter" or any information, when they went through his belongings. Nothing.

That's all I know. He wanted to forget. I don't suppose you can ever forget something like that. He lied about his age. He was 14 years old when he enlisted. When I look at my nephews, I can't imagine them at that age, fighting in a war. He wanted to go.

I spent yesterday thinking about him. Wishing I had the chance to call him up and thank him.
As I said before, he was a man of few words, but when he spoke, he had something to say, he never "went on" about anything. And it was always worth the wait. The trouble is, I'm still waiting for some answers, and if we "meet" again, he's still not off the hook!

So, thank you Grandpa, for everything.

I knew I had ESP!

A few days ago I posted this and I said I wondered just who would use their veto power at the UN.

Here you go. US vetoes UN resolution condemning Israel on Gaza.

Which left me to think maybe I have ESP or that it has happened so many times, it is so blatently transparent that it was hardly a matter of even having to wonder what the outcome would be.

You have to wonder when the world cries out for restraint and one person has the veto power to let it continue.

Never again? It never stops! I suppose it's a selective thing...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Canada, US considering APEC free- trade zone

The United States has also pressed APEC countries to consider a Pacific Rim free-trade zone -- an idea conceived by Canadian Pierre Lortie, a member of APEC's Business Advisory Council, the Canadian official said.
"There are different views with regard to it, but many like-minded economies like ourselves want to look at all options with regards to trade liberalization," he said.
Sandra Buckler, a spokeswoman for Harper, added: "We're going to look at it, do some feasibility studies."
Full Story.

Stockwell Day on Safety and Security

Stockwell Day, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, addressed a roundtable on security at the University College of the Fraser Valley.
Here's the scoop.

Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

A lawsuit in Germany will seek a criminal prosecution of the outgoing Defense Secretary and other U.S. officials for their alleged role in abuses at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo.
Full Story.

Another hat tip to What Really Happened

Gaza violence, mounting death toll, provoke grave concern in Security Council, with more than 40 speakers demanding halt to Israeli military operation

Calling Gaza ‘Launching Pad for Terrorist Attacks’, Israel Says National Rights Require National Responsibility

In a day-long meeting of the Security Council today, called jointly by the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Non-Aligned Movement in light of intensifying Israeli military operations in Gaza, fuelled yesterday by the deaths of at least 18 civilians in Beit Hanoun, more than 40 speakers expressed grave concern at the mounting humanitarian toll, with many demanding an immediate ceasefire and deployment of United Nations observers.
“The incident that occurred in Beit Hanoun on Wednesday is shocking,” Angela Kane, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, said as she opened the meeting. “Men, women and children, who posed no threat, were killed as they slept in their home.”
Continued here.

hat tip to What Really Happened

I wonder who will use their veto power at the UN?

2 Demonstrators Threatened With Arrests/Fines

2 Demonstrators Threatened With Arrests/Fines in Halifax Nova Scotia to protest Stephen Harper's Military State

I am not canadian

It made me laugh. Don't take it personal. It's funny.

The World we Created

WARNING: This video contains disturbing grapic images.
music by queen

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Question for The Sir Robert Bond Papers Blogger

Geez, first of all, I wish you had a comments section. I like your site though :)

But anyway, you had an article the other day about fibre-optics. I'm not following what it's all about but, it made me recall something I had read last year. I thought it was just some kind of rant and ignored it. I'd like to know what you make of it. And since you probably never read this site, I don't really expect an answer.

Here is the link to the post. You have to scroll to the bottom of it to get to the part about the fibre-optics.

Nuclear Plant To be Built to Help Out the Oil Sands?

The IEA says it will take $20 trillion to stop a "potential" energy shortage. The big push seems to be for nuclear energy. Is it just me who wonders if all this is booga booga? The big bad oil and coal, and it's pollution. And on top of that, we can't have foreign oil suppliers controlling things. Canada doesn't need foreign oil. And if it wasn't for NAFTA we wouldn't have to supply another country with oil, even if we can't meet our own countries demand for it.

Face it, we were sold out. But don't worry, there is always that clean nuclear, right? You know the stuff that the waste has to be buried and is still active and dangerous for several thousand years.

I have always thought the Liberals were pro-nuclear and the Conservatives were pro-oil. So, it came as a bit of a shock when I read that a nuclear power plant may be built to help extract bitumen from the oil sands.

And what exactly does this mean?:
The IEA is not advocating government subsidies for nuclear investment, but said they should provide a regulatory framework that is "conducive to investment."

Now uranium price are going to hit record highs after the flood in Cigar Lake. I could be wrong, but isn't uraniuim pretty much everywhere? I don't think there is or will be a shortage of it any time soon.

For anyone who is concerned about how dangerous the waste is from nuclear energy, isn't this even scarier? I'm sure that's just what they are hoping for.

Gary Lunn believes that nuclear energy is a clean, reliable source of energy. It's got a very proven track record," he said. "But at the end of the day, which form of energy each region of the country decides on is a decision by the province. But if they choose to go nuclear, we'll be there to support that decision."

Gary Lunn also announced a $520-million commitment to begin cleanup of nuclear damage from past R&D. But Green Peace spokesman, Shawn-Patrick Stensil, had this to say:

"The fact of the matter is they're basically going to do a communications program, but that's not an independent consultation or evaluation of the plan," said Greenpeace spokesman Shawn-Patrick Stensil.
He noted the Crown corporation estimated in its last annual report that the cleanup would cost nearly $2.75 billion, taking nearly 300 years to completely decontaminate the area. He said their final plan should go through a panel review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.
"The complexity of the site is one huge issue," he said. "They're not sure of all the waste that's there." Read full story here.

So it's safe, and clean, yet we have to spend billions on clean-up and disposal of toxic waste that could be a danger for thousands of years, not only that, we might build a new plant to help with the oil sands that may be causing acid rain, uses huge amounts of water and energy just to get it and emits enormous volumes of greenhouse gases.

I don't know, what are your thoughts on this?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"A corridor plan stretching from Mexico to Canada also could be part of the future???"

COULD BE PART OF THE FUTURE? Isn't that what it is ALL about? Come on, just how stupid do you think the average US/Canadian citizen is?

Mexico MP's Show How It's Done. Take a Look Canada...

Mexico MPs block Fox foreign trip.

Mexico's lower house of parliament has voted to block President Vicente Fox's visit to Australia and Vietnam.

In 2002, the house blocked a visit to the US and Canada, claiming Mr Fox was focusing too much on international events.

[Now there is an example we should be following (and that includes any NDP and Liberal politicians who might be interested in continuing this integration idea) People in Canada are not going to let this slide for the next government that steps in either. A_R]

World horrified by Israeli killings in Gaza

Condemnations poured in from the United Nations, the European Union, the Middle East and Europe over what Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas called a "black day".

Israeli army killed 18 civilians, eight of them children.

Minister supports blasting away red tape for mining companies

During the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association meeting, Natural Resources Minister, Gary Lunn, says mining companies should not have to spend years getting permits to explore for minerals. Depending on the territory or province, companies need to get approval from several federal government departments, aboriginal leaders and environmental boards.

They need to create a single-project approval office.
Although no plans for such an office have been developed, Lunn said the concept has the support of other cabinet ministers, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

(ahhh, those darn aboriginal leaders and environmental boards, eh? What is it with these people who care about the planet and the effects the mines might have on Canadian people? A_R)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Doug Finley Gets Called Out by Garth Turner

Regarding the By-Elections for London North-Centre and Repentigny

"This is not cool, Doug. Conservative MPs should not be telling their Parliament Hill staffers to campaign for a Tory by-election candidate. These folks are paid by the taxpayers and work in taxpayer-provided offices which are there to serve all voters, not just the blue ones. “Persuasion calling” made on goverment phones, on government long-distance plans, on government time?
Definitely not cool."
Full scoop here

That's why everyone should just vote for the Canadian Action Party! A_R :)

Oh Oh, Bev Oda...

A CanWest broadcasting executive is helping with a re-election fundraiser for Heritage Minister Bev Oda, who is reviewing television policy for the Tory government.

US And Canada At Odds Over High Tech Exports

ITAR regulations require Canadian companies competing for contracts to submit expansive paperwork on their employees, which ensnares companies in months of red tape.

ITAR regulations also prevent dual-national Canadian citizens from countries of concern to Washington such as Lebanon, Venezuela or Cuba, from working on sensitive defense projects.
Full Story

Will Arlow Represents CAP in London North Centre, Ontario.

Will Arlow stands ready to defend Canada in this political arena. Will has represented Canadian Action Party in several Federal Elections.

Mr. Arlow has the invaluable experience of living and doing business in British Columbia before he brought his business and family to settle in Ontario in 2002 and so brings this to his passion for a strong united country. He is a business man with a strong sense of family values. It is through these eyes and perspective that he sees the opportunity to build the nation. His keen attention to Canada's political environment enables him to see the negative impact government has allowed to impact the people and the environment. His extensive travel experience through the United States, as well as visits to England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece enables him to see Canada through the eyes of others and brings into even sharper focus his passion for Canada. It also highlights the critical issues for which he is deeply concerned. These experiences, along with simple empirical analysis have led to some very firm convictions.

Political Experience:

2006/01/23 -General Election -Elgin Middlesex London
Ontario-Canadian Action Party
2004/06/28-General Election -Elgin Middlesex London
Ontario -Canadian Action Party
2000/11/27-General Election-Port Moody Coquitlam Port Coquitlam
British Columbia -Canadian Action Party
1998/03/30 -By-election-Port Moody Coquitlam Port Coquitlam
British Columbia -Canadian Action Party
Witness before the Senate Committee Representing CAP- September 7 2006 - Bill C-2, An Act providing for conflict of interest rules, restrictions on election financing and measures respecting administrative transparency, oversight and accountability. Read the transcript: *click here

Will Arlow understands the frustration and disenchantment Canadians felt through the first betrayals of Free Trade and Brian Mulroney?s government to Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. He is articulate and doesn't mince words. London voters will know where Mr. Arlow and the Canadian Action Party stand through his dialogue, writings and personal communications. Mr. Arlow's sense of patriotism brings him to this candidacy. His commitment to his family and yours urges Will to declare the truth. He will provide the facts on the absorption of Canada into a corporate elite system of rule. The fact that Canada is no longer a peace-keeper but rather a branch of the U.S. military. If you believe your voice should be heard in Parliament and that you should be consulted before the country is sold, or given away without your consent, then you can be assured by voting for Mr. Arlow your voice will have a chance.

Will stands by his convictions as below - he believes we can do better: Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc have all been paid to represent you but while you paid them, they allowed or facilitated extreme erosions to Canadian social policies, environmental policies, civil rights, military, and increased the burden of debt for future generation.

Well over 13,000 of Canada's best companies have already been taken over by foreign (mostly U.S.) interests.

Universal Healthcare needlessly sacrificed
University education available to only the elite
Department of Fisheries and Oceans emaciated.
Department of National Defence -absorbed into U.S. military
CBC turned into a corporate spokesperson
National Banker's Debt $500 billion+
Policy being set by CCCE and the new Canadian Competitiveness Council.
Electoral system -lacking the living democracy needed for a healthy society.
Personal message from Will Arlow:

Canada is still worth saving, not just for Canadians, but as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Join me and the committed group of concerned Canadians who are fighting for the re-emergence of a strong and independent Canada, charting its own course in the world, in consultative cooperation with other like-minded people of the world, people who cherish human rights and freedom for ALL.

The money for a strong, healthy, tolerant, compassionate and independent Canada IS available. Those who would have you believe otherwise are either misinformed or are deliberately deceiving you. The social institutions that all Canadians value were constructed after not on the Great Depression, but also World War II, when the government could have cried poor. Fortunately for us, they did not. Instead, they created a policy framework that worked for all Canadians. It was not magic. We can do it again. The mechanisms are part of the historical record, and are still as relevant today. If you want this change you have to VOTE FOR IT. The system we see today does not work for Canadians. I am offering you the opportunity to decide your future and a healthy, strong and vibrant nation for your children to call home. Together we can make a difference!


Read: Will Arlow's Response to Mayor DeCicco(London) June 17, 2006 on Canada's Future and Federal New Deal with cities.

Contact Agent
Murray Bogart

Auditor: Brian D. Lawrence

Phone: 519 866-5116
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CAP, Raza Mahmood Baig for the Repentigny Riding in Quebec

Baig Mahmood Raza (
My name is Mr. Baig Mahmood Raza. I am a Journalist M.A by profession. I am a long time volunteer worker in the field. I was born in 1965. I am single. I come from the great Royal Mughal history of India. My family tradition has a long service for defending the country. My great grand father Major Muhammad Baig served in Dera Doon Rangoon India in the British army. My father (late) Major Asghar Baig) was a commissioned officer served in British army, and was a war veteran in Second World War. My maternal grand father Mirza Murdan Baig (Barlas) was a police office. He came from District Gurdaspur treva Mughlan in Ferozepur India. My father worked for peace in the Asian region in different military positions. My brother is currently serving in the United Nations peacekeeping army in Liberia as Deputy Commandant U.N.O forces. I have been working in Canada for 9 years. Now I am self employed. I volunteered in good shepherd senior citizen centre for three years, and did operation NeZ-Rouge. I helped a lot of people to become Canadian citizens free of charge. I gave them Ideas and served as volunteer at Himalaya Seniors Clam Org. I participate in Canada day every year. In 1998 during the flood in red River, I went to Winnipeg to help the citizens.
In Pakistan I wrote in different News Papers contributing many articles about culture and commerce. I interviewed artists in Daily Jang, Pakistan, Daily Awaimi Akhbar- Sadi- Lahore- Atish and Afar Asia. I have published in Canadian newspapers. In the Asian Report in Montreal I interviewed many local office bearers and politicians. I have taken part in Quebec politics to help me to understand the local culture and integration. I served and organized Pakistan Independent day in 1997 in Montreal. As I took part in Parc Ex sporting activities. I helped a lot of newspapers on news about the Asian community.
My favorite subject is International affairs. I served as member of delegations on several occasions. I visited as part of trade delegation to England with Benazeer Bhutto to Great Britain as an official delegate of trade. and with ex Minister of trade Ch. Mukhtar Ahmed. I was part of Pakistan trade delegate to Russia and Gulf in order to explore export market. I served as member of chamber of commerce Gujranwala. I have an excellent knowledge about the export Industry and International markets. I wish to help the Immigrants and refugees, explorer the Canadian Export market, eliminate poverty, and provide more opportunity to the public. Bring more honor and respect to the Citizen of Canada around the globe.
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