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The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime Updates

Peace protest underway at Capitol Campus
Protesters March Through Downtown Portland Streets
War Protest Turns Violent
Rally shuts down part of Market Street
Activism grows into protest
1,200 pack bicoastal emergency meetings...

A message from the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime Steering Committee on Oct. 5
The following is being read at Oct. 5 rallies around the country

I'll continue to update over the next few days.

A bloggers photos of the rally
Photos from "Artificial Soldier" blog
Protest Updates from the "Head-On Radio Network"
Anti-War Protestors Take To Streets Against Bush

Links from "The Common Ills" blog
World Can't Wait, Ohio
Last Gasp NYC Oct. 5, 2006
(42 Photos from NYC on the link above)
Photos From 911 Blogger
Photos from "Out of the Blue" Blog

Photo updates from "The World Can't Wait" site.
From the "No BU**SH** Zone
You Tube videos from "Blue Spot"
Video from Democracy for New Mexico
Article from Seattlepi
Administration foes step out statewide - Seattle Times
Austin Can't Wait - 158 Photos!
Live Broadcast from FlashPoints Radio -live on location in downtown San Francisco.
Photos and links to 2 news articles from "Open Reading Frame"

more to come...