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Where is Palestine?

I found this link over at What Really Happened. It's a map prepared by a retired U.S. military officer and was presented at the NATO’s Defense College in Rome. Although the article was written about the carving up of Turkey, I noticed one glaring thing. I couldn't find Palestine. Have a look at the large map. Have these people not suffered enough? How much more will they have to endure? Stephen Harper should be ashamed of himself for throwing his support behind a government that abuses innocent people. What else can we call this but another genocide? An illegal occupation and theft of land. This torture and abuse has to stop. After reading this article it looks like even more innocent families and children will die for this cause in the near future. Never again?

As a side note, look at the arrogance of even drawing this map. They hate us for our freedoms? Well, when we give our Governments the freedom to do things like this...