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What's Up With Cheyenne Mountain?

The Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center is the post where U.S. and Canadian militaries watch the skies for enemy attacks. It was built for the cold war when Russia was an enemy and NORAD needed a secure site.

Since Russia is no longer considered a threat, back in June and July there were whispers of closing the Center. This month they started moving people out of the post to a newer one in Peterson. Stating it would save money. But the Centre will not be closed it will remain on "stand-by."

Timothy Keating a commander of U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, hinted at the possibility of combining U.S. homeland defense, the U.S.-Canadian NORAD partnership and Canada's new Canada Command into a single new North American structure.

Starting in 2000 they began upgrades to the systems at Cheyenne Mountain that were expected to cost $467 million but they ended up spending $707 million (scroll down on the page to get the article) and most ofhe work isn't even done!

So what will they use the Mountain for now? One possibility: using the mountain as a second seat for the U.S. government in a crisis. Keating said he knew of no discussions on this, but he characterized that option as reasonable. That's one high-priced bunker!

It's odd too, that since that came out, so did this:
Russia Supports North Korea in Nuclear War (a mock US Military exercise)

U.S., Canadian fighters head off Russian planes (note that Russia had notified us that they were going to do these training exercises before hand)