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Settler children in Tel Rumeida (occupied Palestine) part 2

In May 2005, a group of teenage settler girls attacked the students and teachers at Qurtaba School, blocking their way out of the school as a police officer filmed and soldiers watched.
The settlers sing and chant in Hebrew, "There is no Palestine, this is Israel" and "there are no Palestinians." Settler boys in the street then blocked the stairs by stoning the students as they tried to come down the stairs. The students scream and run, but are blocked from every direction. The police and soldiers do not protect the students.

This is learned behavior. These children anywhere else should have been getting together for a game of baseball or soccer. Instead they are separated by someone else's distorted vision of how things should be.

There are many Israeli and Palestinian groups trying to work together, to bring an end to this. Children should not be used to promote this type of hatred. They should be children, allowed to grow and learn.

Life is short and one of the few care-free times we have in this world is our chilhood. They are missing out on all the memories we look back on and think how nice it was to have no worries. Let's face it, those were the best of times, it all goes downhill from there.

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