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The Return To Innocence - Enigma

An old favorite of mine. I can't believe I found it!

Thanks A_Resident! You know those times when the world just seems to weighty to bear? It's been like that for a few days for me, so I want to say Thank-you!

This song and vid, holds good memories for me and was something I needed. Astonshing to me is how music has the ability to transport us.

Thanks again and thx for stopping by my blog re' feminism. I hope to blog more soon.

You're welcome KNB. Sorry that you've had some tough times and I'm happy that I had a part in bringing some light to you day. :)

I could listen to this song a thousand times and not get tired of it. Must be the native blood in me.

The Masi song below was written after she spent time with a Shaman. After I heard it, that's when I remembered Enigma and hunted around for it.

Take care.

The Masi song is fantastic too!

I find most ethnic music, something I could listen to for extended periods of time. For me, it seems to strike something almost primordial.

My artwork is primarily figurative and I often try to match the music I play to the region and people I'm painting.

Thanks, now I have one more to add to my collection.

(BTW, I'm okay. World events just get to me sometimes.)

Thank goodness we have a creative outlet for our frustrations! Do you have a site where you post your artwork? I'd love to see it.

I've been thinking of putting one up with pictures of the jewelry I make. Maybe with instructions (I usually make one-of-a-kind stuff) and a place to trade ideas with other people who do the same.

Have a great Thanksgiving week-end!

I don't have a site at the moment. I did at one time share one with others, but someone inadvertently deleted it and it was to much to put it back together.

I do hope to have one in the future, but we still have to renovate here so I can put a studio together.

I hope you do put one up with your jewelry. I'd love to see that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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