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Quick Tidbits.

The World Bank wants in on media and content investments.

Is biodiesel a good thing? I'd like your opinion on this article or this one.

There is a $175 Million ethanol plant planned for Hearst, Ontario.
Some info:
-being built by a California eco-energy company.
-along with team members: MEMS USA and Villeneuve Construction Ltd.
-possibility of government loan guarantees for the project.
-main financial backing is coming from an undisclosed European funding group.

"Hearst is a major railhead, highway and pipeline junction, a factor that played heavily into MEMS site selection.

The Ontario Northland Railway has a connection running southeast to North Bay and Toronto, and the Canadian National Railway heads due south to Sault Ste. Marie and the U.S. border.

Latty says the plant will bring employment opportunities, especially for First Nations people, dispose of a “bio-blight” on the landscape, and produce ethanol for a potentially burgeoning Ontario market they estimate as a two-billion litre-a-year market demand."