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Quick Headlines for the Holidays...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I have too much to do this week-end. So here are a few news bits to keep you busy:

Please don't forget my post below, and thank Peter Julian for thinking about us. His contact information can be found at the bottom.

Also, You Tube didn't send my videos the day I tried to get them. They came a week later, in the wee hours of the morning. I never had a chance to write a "blurb" on the one titled Bev1 - "Say hello to the Amero." If you get a chance, watch it, Bev from the Canadian Action Party, gives a little "wake-up call" to us all about the possiblities of a new currency "The Amero." Think it's just an idea floating around? You might think differently after watching it.

If you are looking for more reading material, here are my 4 favorite sites:
Yaya Canada
What Really Happened
Vive Le Canada
Wake Up From Your Slumber

In the news...

Explosive Growth for Private Armies
They are cheaper, are able to avoid public and media scrutiny and...
"The UK has a rather poor record of holding corporate officers responsible in any way for their actions ... Maybe military 'companies' should actually be restricted to being partnerships where the owners have unlimited liability similar to a lawyer's practice? Maybe a special class of company needs to be created, for this purpose so they can be audited and tracked and to clarify their relationship with the government (for whom they act). Essentially ... the directors of the company can be held responsible for war crimes as would ranking officers in the army. To some extent the 'corporate veil' needs to be thinner for these companies."
This is an older article on private armies, but well worth the read:
Global Order and Security Privatization

I thought this post from blogger Matt Campbell deserves some attention. Check out proposal number three.

Another great article from the blog "Stolen Moments of Island Time:

Don't forget to check out the updates in "World Can't Wait" protest march post. I'll add more in a while.

Company is on the way and I have plenty of work to be done. Enjoy yourself when you are out and about. Remember we share the road, you don't really HAVE to be in a rush. If you are stuck in traffic, take in the small things around you, the sun, a cloud, a tree...
Don't be the "jerk" who thinks he owns the road, the one who thinks that where they are going is so much more important than anyone else and has to get there NOW!

Most important: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! If you want to risk your own life, find some other way to do it, there are innocent people on those roads who actually want to live out the remainder of their lives.