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People ask me why I will not vote for any politician that will not speak out on what is happening in Palestine. If you want to know. Watch the video below.

It is sad on so many levels. These Israeli children, so filled with hatred. They are so young. If that happened here, the authorities would step in. It would be a huge issue. A humanitarian issue. A political issue. Imagine our military just standing there? Imagine your children doing this? They should be playing games, laughing not beating and insulting adults and children. Those poor children. I think it might be even be considered a hate crime? Would Children's Aid step in? What about assualt charges? I don't know, I'm not a legal buff. But I am sure it wouldn't happen again once the authorties caught wind of it.

And what would we say if that were one of our soldiers just standing there?

Imagine now that you shoulder the brunt of this hatred. You are the adult being kicked by this child. It is your child who is being attacked.

How is this ok?

This is a few minutes of one day. . it's really nothing at all, compared to what they endure. Nothing at all. There are plenty worse videos I could have chosen. Consider this like getting stuck with a red light 2 times in a row on your way home. Suffering "lite."

They are human beings like you and I. They have families, homes and business'. They work, have bills to pay and children to raise. But there, they never know when their business or home will be bulldozed. Their land taken. Everything they have worked for, just taken away. They don't know if they can get to work, or even get back home, because they might not get through the roadblock. They could wait hours, they could be told to come back and try in the morning.

You can choose to ignore it. Like our media and politicians. Or you can speak out and not allow them to ignore the reality of what is happening, and has been happening for decades. Both sides are suffering, but until the western leaders have the guts to speak out about these atrocities (like most other world leaders have), it will only continue.