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Out Onto The Valley Floor
PS: It’s strange when you think about it. Christian groups canvas neighborhoods all the time and, for the most part, when people tell them they’re not interested they do so in a reasonably polite manner.
Now imagine if Muslims were to do the same. Be truthful with yourself and seriously think about the reception that Muslim canvassers would receive.
Ponder that for the rest of the day.

Jewish and Palestinian organisations defy EU
European organisations today defied the refusal of EU Ministers to publish a report compiled by their own diplomats regarding Israeli violations of international law with regard to East Jerusalem. Over 30 Jewish, Palestinian, peace and anti-poverty groups from around Europe will publish the suppressed Report on their websites

Not an internal Palestinian matter
The experiment was a success: The Palestinians are killing each other. They are behaving as expected at the end of the extended experiment called "what happens when you imprison 1.3 million human beings in an enclosed space like battery hens."