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The only way to get an education at university is to get out.

This point was made during a lecture by Prof. Denis Rancourt at the University of Ottawa in his Science in Society-activism Course.

The 5th session was titled the "Social Analysis of Activism: Hippies, Militants, Liberals, and Fascists"

He speaks about the Universities and how they influence a more corporate agenda. They say their schools are a place to learn free-thinking but in reality they are molding thoughts. So, one would be more narrow minded. If you want an education, educate yourself. You can read about this session here.

Afghan MP Malalai Joya spoke during the first session of the course.
Here are two statements she made:

"The government consists of both war lords and Taleban in senior positions, along with drug lords and big oil representatives, said Joya. The US is not interested in the liberation of the country since it is obviously "still in the chains of terrorist fundamentalists" both pro and anti US."

'"No nation can deliver liberation to another country," Joya continued. Afghanistan must be freed of occupiers in order to help itself. The role that Canada ought to play is to support that effort by not encouraging and providing security for the current government, and by acting independently to provide moral and material help in rebuilding schools, hospitals, water and electricity supply. Otherwise, said Joya, "Canada is only helping to implement US policies".

You can read more about this here
Here is a the guest speaker line up at the University of Ottawa.

Also of interest:

Prof. Dr. David F. Noble -York University, world renowned historian of technology’s impact on society - will speak on “The University and Democracy” at the Alumni Auditorium (University Centre), University of Ottawa, Monday, October 23rd, 2006, 7pm.

Prof. Noble will describe the modern university in North America and its societal role and will update the public on his $10 million defamation lawsuit against York University, in court this month.
Even though he is Jewish, Noble was accused of anti-Semitism by the York President – a clumsy response to Noble’s principled challenge of York’s arbitrary policy of canceling classes on Jewish holidays.

“Universities serve corporate employers more than they encourage critical and independent thinking” said student organizer Seamus Wolfe, “When we approached Prof. Noble he said he could address our theme but that he saw no relation between the university and democracy.”

"We students need to hear about how universities operate from the main man. This guy was fighting academic cooptation before I was born” added co-organizer Chelsea Flook. “Since then, Coca Cola has become the only thing we are allowed to drink, tuition fees have sky rocketed, academic research labs have become patent farms, medical testing has become a funding lottery – and now universities are even telling us what to think.”

The event is open to the public and the media. Admission is free. The evening is co-organized by the Political Science Student Association (University of Ottawa) and other groups.
(Thanks to Yaya Canada, I ripped all this info in my post from her site)

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