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My Ode to the Court Challenges program: the progressive poetry blogburst

Here is little rap song to contribute to the POGGE poetry blogburst.
I'm not good at this stuff, so don't laugh :(


The Charter that you hold up high,
while all the sheeple wonder why
their rights and freedoms don't apply.
It's no lie, our agenda IS cut and dry....

We noticed that the minority,
might soon become a majority
and people might rise up in the city,
start waking up and taking pity.

We WANT to discriminate
You WANT to advocate
The Charter will disintegrate
and no one can litigate...

We are the "deciders" that have power,
who stand righteously upon our tower.
You have no choice but to sit and cower
beneath our ever flowing Golden Shower.

It's just words, It's just the Constitution.
The ones who are living in destitution
Will now have no means of restitution
We no longer allow legal retribution.

If you just read this: Tag you're it!!!

Most cool, A_R.

Really well done.

Well done! Bravo

Thanks :) I was almost afraid to click on the comments...

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