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The Man Who Could Have Been President...

Colin Powell. That's right. But he made a decision that ended his career and destroyed any chance of that happening. What was that decision? Not the one to go to war against Iraq. But failing to stand his ground against those who wanted to. For being the messenger of lies and propaganda about Iraq and making the case to go to war. These were not his plans, his ideas. He was doing his job. He knew the truth. He wasn't the man who wanted war. But he was the man who chose to state the case when he could have walked away.
We'll never know what would have happened had he stood his ground. In the world of politics, there is never a shortage of "what if's," and maybe it was in his own best interest to tow the line. That is the democracy we live in. It's an experiment, we make changes and tweaks, and lately it seems like we are headed into something more like a nightmare. I wonder when the population, these millions upon millions of people will wake-up. We are the masses and only we can call them on it.
Colin Powell, had he done what he should have, would have been one man, standing against some very powerful and elite people. And maybe it is unfair to ask that much of one person. At the time, we were sleeping, he wouldn't have had much support. Since then I believe many of us have begun to realize we are pawns in a game being played by a few. But look at the chess board. The pawns out number the rest.
If we let people in our Government know that when they decide to stand up for the people they are paid to represent, we will have their back, that they can count on us to stand behind them. Maybe more men, like the man I believe Colin Powell is, would have the ability to do what they know is right.
Yes, I think he could have been President, and I think there were other people who knew that too. He was the fall guy in this game. And then they fired him.