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It's For Our Own Safety...Honest

Privacy czar pushing for better ID protection
"Both Cameron and Peter Cullen, Microsoft's chief privacy strategist, said another advantage of this coming system is it will allow users to avoid "password fatigue."

Password fatigue? There is such a disease? Let me guess...the vaccine or pill will be out next month. But the side effects might include, heartburn, cramping, headaches and.....fatigue. Do not use while operating your computer, or if you have any kind of heart, blood pressure, liver of kidney problems. Which we should already know about, because it is on our database, along with every purchase you have ever made, by the way, we know about that silky pair of panties you bought yesterday....and what on earth were you doing in Nova Scotia last week? You've never been there before. We don't mean to pry, but did you know while you were there, your husband went out and bought that plasma tv, it hasn't been hooked up to the cable line yet, so we figure we'd just warn you. It's probably hiding in the walk-in closet you installed the shelving unit in last year.....

Uh oh, I see you just joined the Teleban, I guess he'll be returning the TV.