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I'm too tired to think...

...so I'll leave you with links to some articles well worth viewing.

RBC's Nixon tells Albertans immigration and diversity are key drivers for Canada's future prosperity

Canada: An Iroquois Perspective
Canada is NOT a country. A sovereign nation IS sovereign because it makes a declaration and then practices it accordingly. It holds land and declares borders. A true nation has a constitution authorized by its citizens and upheld by its courts. An independent country authorizes law and statutes, and its head of state - often a president - is the head of its government.

Centre For Health & Safety Innovation Opens In Canada
A vision eight years in the making was recently realized with the grand opening of the Centre for Health & Safety Innovation (CHSI). Founded by four health and safety associations: the Electrical & Utilities Safety Association (E&USA), the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA), the Ontario Service Safety Alliance (OSSA), and the Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario (THSAO), this new facility is a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge and action with regards to occupational health and safety trends, issues, and initiatives.

Israel Continues to Steal Water and Soil from Lebanon
As usual, the corporate media is only telling part of the story. For a more accurate version of events, one must look to the Arab press.

The Long Pay-Off
The current headline on the BBC’s website reads - ‘UN debates action over N Korea’. And while that is most certainly justified, something you have to ask yourself is why the UN can’t so expediently and ferociously debate the near four year illegal Anglo-American occupation of a sovereign country without it being considered ridiculous or folly?

[Toronto] October 14th First Nations Solidarity Event
Now in the eighth month, the people of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee(Iroquois) Confederacy continue to remain steadfast in their reclamation ofthe ‘Douglas Creek Estates’, land that is part of the Haldimand Tract, soldto developers even though it was contested. The site, renamed ‘Kahnestaton’or ‘The Sacred Place’, stands as a symbol of resistance by First Nationspeople, an assertion of sovereignty and self-government. The Six Nationspeoples’ reclamation of Kahnestaton is an act of strength, one whichreveals the failure of the Canadian government’s land claims process,and demands that respect for First Nations’ land and treaty rights is not adebate - it is essential.

Cold War Shivers
… War Preparations in the Middle East and Central Asia
I received this warning from Michel Chossudovsky in my inbox yesterday.
It is essential that people across America and around the World take cognizance of the dangers of a Middle East war directed at Iran and act decisively to challenge the US military agenda and reverse the tide of war.
The World is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history.

As always, check out Yaya Canada today, there are some must read posts.

Have a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, you'll feel better -:)

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